しぶしぶ・・・ ― acquiesce


SAN FRANCISCO — In November 2016, Uber executives faced an expensive — and risky — decision.

Two hackers had stolen data about the company’s riders and drivers — including phone numbers, email addresses and names — from a third-party server, putting the personal data of more than 57 million people at risk. The hackers approached Uber and demanded $100,000 to delete their copy of the data, according to several current and former employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the details are private.

Uber acquiesced to the demands. Under the orders of Travis Kalanick, who was then its chief executive, and Joe Sullivan, the chief security officer, the company paid the ransom.
(Uber Discloses Data Breach, Kept Secret for a Year, Affecting 57 Million Accounts. New York Times. November 21, 2017.)











quarter-life crisis

“quarter-life crisis”という言葉をご存知でしょうか?


Adulting is a struggle.

A new LinkedIn survey of 2,000 millennials found that 72% of young professionals ages 25 to 33 said they’ve been through a quarter-life crisis, or a period of self doubt and insecurity causing them to question their life choices, relationships and career paths.

The main factors people grappled with were finding a job they’re passionate about (57%) and the pressure to buy property (57%). Both priorities were much higher than finding love (46%). Women (61%) in particular are more likely to be unsure of what their next career move is compared to 56% of men.
(Jeanette Settembre. Majority of millennials claim to be in a quarter-life crisis. New York Post. November 20, 2017.)

“quarter-life crisis”とは、簡単に言ってしまうと、20代後半から30代にかけての若者が就職や結婚など、人生における決断について思い悩むことです。




月面着陸はやらせだった? ― stagehand



Almost 50 years after man walked on the moon, the “giant leap for mankind” is under the microscope once again – with conspiracy theorists convinced they have proof one of the moon landings was fake.

A picture allegedly taken in December 1972 of the final Apollo 17 moon mission has been shared online, and shows what one YouTuber believes is the reflection of a “stagehand” in the helmet of one of the astronauts.

The photo, uploaded to YouTube this week by a user named Streetcap1 is entitled “Reflection in a Visor,” and Streetcap1 suggests this casts doubt onto whether the 1972 moon landing, in particular, was staged.
(Harriet Sinclair. 'Fake' Apollo Moon Landing Photo Claims To Show Proof The Mission Was A Hoax. Newsweek. November 19, 2017.)







better off




Parents would be better off raising their children in European, Asian or Australian cities, according to a Wednesday report.

Real-estate technology startup Homeday evaluated hundreds of cities across the globe on 15 metrics that matter to families, including housing availability and cost, school quality, safety, parental leave laws, healthcare, pollution, green spaces, activities for kids and general affordability.

The result: America isn’t first. Not even close. In fact, the first US city to make the list is Seattle, at No. 31.

Topping the list of best cities for families are Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm and Hamburg.
(Hana R. Alberts. US cities are terrible for families. USA Today. November 16, 2017.)

東京よりも子育てに相応しい国内の都市はいくらでもあると思っていますが、それはさて置き、今日は“better off”という表現を取り上げたいと思います。

引用では冒頭の部分で使われていますが、”better off”は続くフレーズで表現される内容が「より良い選択である」ことを言うのに使われます。

“better off”に続くフレーズで典型的なものは、引用にもあるように、動詞の現在分詞形(〜ing)です。

For most clients, I still believe they are better off buying a home in established neighborhoods, because such are more likely to be desirable in a recession as in our current booming market.
(Chicago Sun Times, 2000)

“better off”にはもうひとつ別の意味があり、これはそもそも”off”という副詞が持っている意味合いなのですが、



He is far better off now than he was ten years ago.(10年前よりずっと暮らし向きがいい。)

“better off 〜ing”のフレーズはこの発展形ではないかと思っています。


up and running

グーグルのクラウドサービスのひとつとして知られるGoogle Docsが一時的にアクセス出来なくなるという障害に見舞われました。

Google Docs, the free word processing software from the Internet giant, went down Wednesday, but is now back up and running.

"Sorry for the disruption," Google said in a tweet. "Thanks again for your patience with us." The program was down for just under an hour, according to Google.

Google Docs has become the writing program of choice for many of today's office and freelance workers, as well as students, who can collaborate with others using the Web-based program.
(Jefferson Graham. Google Docs is up and running again. Get back to work. USA Today. November 15, 2017.)

Google Docsは協働作業にも向いているプラットフォームだそうで、多くの人たちに影響が及んだ模様です。


Google Docsはその後復活し、

up and running