体は騙せません ― sweet tooth


They are the calorie-free way of having a sweet treat, but diet drinks could still make you fat, scientists have warned.

A ten-year study of almost 500 men and women linked low-calorie soft drinks with bulging waistlines – even when taken in small quantities.
(Fiona Macrae. Why guzzling diet drinks could make you FATTER - they can trigger the appetite. The Daily Mail. June 29, 2011.)



Professor Helen Hazuda, of the University of Texas’s health science centre, said diet sodas and artificial sweeteners may foster a sweet tooth, distort appetite and even damage key brain cells. As a result, treating them as healthy alternatives may be ‘ill advised’


The researchers said they think that artificial sweeteners may distort appetite, leaving us craving extra-sweet and unhealthy treats.

They may also damage brain cells involved in feelings of fullness, while the lack of real sugar could also stop us from feeling full.

ダイエットドリンクや人口甘味料はかえって、”foster sweet tooth”、だということですが、”sweet tooth”って何でしょう?


American Heritage Dictionaryによると、"A fondness or craving for sweets"とあり、"fondness"はいわゆる好み、嗜好ですが、"craving"はもっと強い意味で、”渇望”ということになり、上記の引用にもありますように、"leaving us craving extra sweet"ということになります。



ちょっと刺してみる!? ― take a stab at



Online search giant Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to take on Facebook, which now claims more than 500m users.

Google+ allows individuals to share photos, messages and comments but also integrates the company's maps and images into the service.

It also aims to help users easily organise contacts within groups.

But some analysts say Google has simply reproduced features of Facebook while adding a video chat function.
(Google+ challenges Facebook in social network battle. BBC News. June 29, 2011.)


Google, which handles roughly two out of every three internet searches in the US, has taken several stabs at Facebook in recent years.

But its previous efforts ended in failure, with both Google Wave and Google Buzz proving unpopular with users.

上記引用で、”(Google) has taken stabs at Facebook...”という表現ですが、英和辞書を引くと、”stab”という名詞のエントリで、






勿論、仕掛けた、というような訳語が英和辞書に載っているわけではありませんので、これは個人的な意見です。”take a stab at...”という表現は、”...をちょっと試してみる”、とか、”...に挑戦する”という意味があくまでスタンダードです。


WHAT IS IT? Google is taking yet another stab at social networking with Google+. The service unveiled Tuesday aims to make online sharing more like real life. For example, it lets users share things with small groups of people, such as college buddies or coworkers.
(Summary Box: Google takes another stab at social networking with Google+. Associated Press. June 29, 2011.)

この用例では、”stab at”に続く目的語は”social networking”となっていますので、(これまでのSNSサービスの失敗例にも関わらず)”新たにSNSサービスを試みようとしている”という意味合いがしっくりきます。





Federal aviation regulators hit aircraft manufacturer Boeing with a $1.05 million proposed fine Monday for improper assembly of the emergency oxygen systems on nine of its 777 jetliners.

Federal Aviation Administration inspectors found that tubing carrying oxygen to passengers in the event of a loss of pressure in the cabin were attached at an angle when they should have been nearly straight, the agency said in a letter to Boeing.

Failure to properly connect the tubes "could result in the system not supplying oxygen to passengers should depressurization occur," the FAA said in a release.
(Alan Levin. FAA proposes $1 million fine against Boeing. USA Today. June 28, 2011.)


tubing ~ were attached at an angle when they should have been nearly straight...



I'd also see kids at midnight, 6-year-old kids, double-dutching in the street when they should be at home asleep.
(Chicago Sun Times. 2010.)

ここでの”when”も譲歩、対照の用法ととらえることができますが、意味内容としては”~する時に”というように解釈することも可能だと思われます。これは、引用文で主張しようとしている内容が、時間や時刻に関することであることからそうなるものと考えられます。(上記の文で、”when they should be at home asleep”の前に、”at the time”という句を補うことができますね。)






banca rotta

という表現に由来するそうです。"banca rotta"とは、英語で"broken bench"のこと、"bench"とはいわゆる店舗などにおける”店台”(みせだい; 商品などを陳列する台)のことで、破産して支払い不能になった店舗のそれが破壊されたことにちなむということです。(研究社 新英和大辞典(第5版)による)

銀行という意味の"bank"は、"bench"を意味していた"bank"、つまり”金銭融通業者のテーブル”(moneychanger's table)という意味が発展したものであり、つまり"bankrupt"との関係もありというわけです。

ちなみに、"-rupt"(rotta)の部分については、ラテン語の"rumpere"(to break)に由来しており、同語源の単語には、




Near-bankrupt Saab cannot pay staff

Swedish automaker Saab cannot pay its staff, its Dutch parent company Swedish Automobile said on Thursday, admitting it was not sure of obtaining fresh funding.

The company has been counting on a tie-up with two Chinese firms, but after the statement on Thursday the government repeated its position that it would not step in to save the company.
(The Swedish Wire. June 26, 2011.)


でっぱら ― bulge


Public Enemy No. 1 in America's battle of the bulge isn't cupcakes, soda or double bacon cheeseburgers. 

It's the simple potato, according to Harvard University researchers. Daily consumption of an extra serving of spuds — French fries, crispy chips, mashed with butter and garlic, or simply boiled or baked — was found to cause more weight gain than downing an additional 12-ounce can of a sugary drink or taking an extra helping of red or processed meats.
(Daniela Hernandez. Potatoes can add plenty to waistline. Los Angels Times. June 23, 2011.)




垂れ込み ― tip

米国New York州郊外の薬局店で4人が殺害された事件で容疑者が逮捕されました。ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙の記事で逮捕の様子を伝えています。

On a winding road in Medford, N.Y., about two miles from the pharmacy where four people were killed over the weekend, a squad of police vehicles converged on a neat Cape Cod-style house on Wednesday morning.


There was no apparent struggle or difficulty inside. The officers came out escorting a gaunt man, later identified as David Laffer, and arrested him in connection with the killings at the pharmacy, Haven Drugs, several law enforcement officials said. The crime appeared to have been the most severe example of a national epidemic involving drugstore robberies by prescription drug addicts.

Mr. Laffer, 33, has not been charged in the fatal shootings; he was taken to the Suffolk County police headquarters in Yaphank for questioning. Hundreds of tips came in after surveillance images of a suspect were made public.
(Al Baker. Focus on Prescription Records Leads to Arrest in 4 Killings. The New York Times. June 22, 2011.)

記事にありますように逮捕につながったのは防犯カメラの容疑者映像が公開されたことにあるようです。”hundreds of tips came in...”とありますが、ここで”tips”という単語に注目します。

“tip”という短い単語は比較的なじみのある単語だと思いますが、海外旅行先で必要になる”チップ”(いわゆる心付け)や、”ヒントやコツ”(よくある、”tips & tricks”という時の”tips”)という意味においてではないでしょうか。



“tip”は動詞としても用いられます。この場合、”tip off”というパターンが多いようです。

The fruits of American and Pakistani cooperation became evident this month, when American officials tipped off local Pakistani police that a group of Qaeda fighters was fleeing the tribal areas in a car and heading deeper into Pakistan. The local police near Kohat set up a roadblock and stopped the car. The Qaeda fighters began shooting. All four were killed, as were three Pakistanis.





新たなダイエット神話 ― bite the dust

日頃から食事、特にカロリー摂取量などに気を使っておられる方には聞き逃しならないニュースかも知れません。通常よりも低カロリー(あるいはノンカロリー)とされる食品にしばしば用いられている”疑似脂肪”(fake fat)と呼ばれる食品添加物は、かえって体重増加につながるという研究結果が報告されました。

Another diet myth bites the dust: Products containing the calorie-less fake fat Olean, of fat-free potato chips fame, may make you gain weight, not lose it.

In a new study released today by Purdue University, researchers found that rats who were fed Olean-containing potato chips as part of a high-fat diet ate more overall and gained more weight than those who were fed a high fat diet and regular, full-fat potato chips.
(Courtney Hutchison. Not So (O)Lean: Eating Faux Fat Makes Rats Real Fat. ABC News. June 21, 2011.)



"Fat substitutes can interfere with the body's ability to regulate what it eats, and that can result in overeating," said Susan Swithers, lead author and psychology professor at Purdue University.


しかしながら、そればかりではなく、人間の体は食べるものによってホルモンなどの分泌が異なってくるそうなのですが、“fake fat”によって生身の体は混乱するのだそうです。

"Our bodies make predictions on what to prepare to digest based on taste and how food feels in our mouth," Swithers said. When something tastes sweet or fatty, our body gears up to digest a high density of calories, stimulating the metabolism and triggering a chain of hormonal secretions to process the fat, calories, and nutrients.

"When we get cues that something is fatty, but no calories arrive -- like with fat substitutes -- our body gets confused," Swithers said. "This confusion can make the body stop preparing to digest fatty food when it does come."



Another diet myth bites the dust: Products containing the calorie-less fake fat Olean, of fat-free potato chips fame, may make you gain weight, not lose it.

とあります。“bite the dust”という表現は、そのまま訳せば、“塵を噛む”ということになると思いますが、”塵を噛む”状況というのは一体どういうことでしょう?


英和辞書を調べますと、“bite the dust”という表現はどちらかというと、おどけた表現で、この記事でも“屈辱”というほどの強い意味で用いられているのではなさそうですが、“fake fat”についてはもはやダイエット神話と言わざるを得なくなってしまったもので、意味合いとしてはぴったりくるものと思われます。

"bite the dust"にはその他に、




みずほ銀、株主総会でシステム障害を謝罪 ― glitch



Mizuho's Tsukamoto Apologizes to Shareholders for Glitch

Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (8411) Chief Executive Officer Takashi Tsukamoto apologized to shareholders for a computer systems failure at its retail banking unit that delayed transactions following a record earthquake in March.

He was speaking at the company's annual shareholder meeting in Tokyo today. Shareholders will consider whether to approve the company’s proposal to replace Tsukamoto with Yasuhiro Sato, currently CEO of Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.
(Bloomberg. June 21, 2011.)

見出しには”glitch”が使われていますが、記事本文中では”a computer systems failure”となっています。



83 kg超の腫瘍を抱える男性 ― tumor


Nguyen Duy Hai, a 31-year-old in Vietnam, is the holder of an awful world record.

With a 186-pound growth, Hai is believed to have the largest tumor in Vietnam - and he's too poor to afford an operation to stop the growth.

The Herald Sun reported that the non-cancerous tumor began growing when he was about 4 and hasn't stopped, despite an amputation below the knee 14 years ago.
(Nina Mandell. LOOK: Vietnamese man pleads for help to get rid of country's largest tumor. New York Daily News. June 17, 2011.)

男性が座っているクッションか座布団のように見える塊は男性が抱える腫瘍で、186ポンド(約83.7 kg)もあるそうです。

”an awful world record”とありますが、ギネスブック入りとはありません。また、”the largest tumor in Vietnam”ということですが、ベトナムと言わずとも、これほどの腫瘍を抱えている人などそうそういるはずもないと思えてきます。

今日の単語は”tumor”ですが、語源はラテン語の”tumere”(to swell)、つまり”腫れる”という単語から来ています。




ブラックホールの大きさは・・・ ― ginormous



A galaxy already known to have one ginormous black hole at its core is actually home to two of these cosmic giants, a new study reveals.

Astronomers discovered the second monster black hole at the center of the galaxy Markarian 739, which is about 425 million light-years from Earth, toward the constellation Leo. Its presence was revealed in observations by NASA's Swift satellite and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

The two black holes are separated by about 11,000 light-years, which is about one-third the distance between our solar system and the center of the Milky Way. One light-year is about 6 trillion miles.
(Tariq Maliq. Twins! Another black hole found in one galaxy. MSNBC. June 13, 2011.)

地球から4億2500万光年離れているマルカリアン739(Markarian 739)銀河と呼ばれる銀河系にブラックホールが2つあった、というニュースです。



衣服繊維で暑さ対策 ― wick away



Fast Retailing said the government's "Super Cool Biz" campaign to cut office air conditioning by easing dress codes is already pushing up sales of clothes that wick away sweat. Toray Industries Inc. (3402) helped develop the cooling fabrics.

"Wearing our clothes actually keeps you cooler than when you're naked," Fast Retailing Chief Operating Officer Naoki Otoma said. The company's stock has lost 4.1 percent since the earthquake, compared with an 11 percent slide for the broader Topix index.
(Green Curtain Sales Surge as Tokyo Faces Power Cuts This Summer. Bloomberg. June 15, 2011.)




コーパスでの検索によると、"wick away"という形では目的語に、"moisture"や"sweat"を取ることが多く、上記のようなコンテクストでの表現としてはスタンダードとなっているのではないかと思われます。

In cold weather, layering is especially important. Wear your hiking clothes in several thin layers. Begin with a light garment next to your skin, such as polypropylene, that will wick away moisture and keep you dry. Add a warm shirt and/or sweater, depending on the conditions in which you will be hiking.
(New York Times. 1998.)


人事刷新 ― shake-up


HP cuts top executives in shake-up

PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) — Hewlett-Packard is streamlining its executive ranks to improve its focus on customers rather than administration and put more operations directly under CEO Leo Apotheker's control.

The world's largest maker of personal computers said Monday that it is eliminating its chief administrative officer position, meaning that Pete Bocian is leaving HP immediately.

Chief Information Officer Randy Mott is also leaving the company immediately, although he will be replaced in that position.
(HP cuts top executives in shake-up. USA Today. June 14, 2011.)

今日の単語、"shake-up"は人事刷新、(内閣の)大改造、などという意味で用いられます。HP社の場合は、"cut(s) top executives"であり、また"streamlining its executive ranks"ということですから、具体的には役員数の削減ということのようです。

"shake-up"は、人事刷新、内閣改造といった意味での名詞として定着していますが、動詞としての"shake up~"には、布団や枕などを振って形を整える、という意味で用いられるようです。この意味から発展したのでしょうか、(形が崩れた、あるいは整っていない)組織を振ったり、揺さぶったりして整える、ということから、人事の刷新ということを意味するようになったものと思われます。



Facebookのユーザー数増加に歯止めかかる? ― The jig is up.

"The jig is up."というフレーズをご存知でしょうか?

THE JIG MIGHT BE UP for Facebook, which has seen its peak in user signups and is now losing people, according to a report by Inside Facebook.

Facebook now has 687.1 million users, up from the milestone half a billion it recorded in July of last year, but it looks like its phenomenal growth is finally starting to slow, and in some regions the social notworking giant has actually lost users.

Inside Facebook Gold tracks how many Facebook users exist in each country on a monthly basis, and it discovered that during May the US Facebook userbase dropped from 155.2 million to just below 149.4 million.
(Dean Wilson. Facebook is losing users. The Inquirer. June 14, 2011.)


さて、"the jig might be up for Facebook"をどう解釈したらよいでしょうか?

サービス提供主であるフェースブックにとって、登録ユーザー数の減少はGood Newsではないでしょう。むしろ痛手と言えるかもしれません。そのコンテクストで言えば、"the jig is up"は、良くないこと、であるという推測はつきます。

英和辞書を参照すると、"the jig is up"は大抵、名詞の"jig"のエントリ中に成句として取り上げられています。1例としてランダムハウス英和辞典の訳を挙げると、







切削工具を導くために取り付ける装置の一種; 治具


これらの名詞と、"is up"という結びつきを考えると、"time is up"(時間切れ; それまで)、とか"game is up"(試合終了; 負けがほぼ決まって)という表現と同種だと捉えることができると思います。




禁煙すると太るのは何故? ― satiety



It's an unfortunate fact that when smokers kick the habit, they often gain weight — a side effect that many smokers use as a reason for not quitting.

Now scientists think they've pinpointed the pathway in the brain through which nicotine helps suppress appetite, suggesting that it's possible to get the same effect without the cigarettes.

Nicotine works on many different receptors in the brain, including those in reward regions that contribute to addiction. But working with mice, a team led by Yale University School of Medicine psychiatrist Marina Picciotto found that the drug also binds to receptors on appetite-regulating neurons, which aren't involved in addiction. These neurons, located in the hypothalamus, send the "I'm full" message after a meal, helping to regulate how much you eat.

It helps explain why smokers aren't as hungry when they smoke, and why they tend to stay thinner on the habit. When they quit, however, many smokers tend to eat more, typically gaining on average about five pounds after quitting.
(Alice Park. Study: Why Quitting Smoking Makes You Fat. Time. June 10, 2011.)


Understanding the link between nicotine and satiety, for example, could lead to new drugs that target the nicotine receptors on appetite-controlling cells, giving smokers a way to quit without the weight gain. Already, says Picciotto, there are plant-based quit-smoking drugs available in Eastern Europe that may work in this way, but further research needs to be done to determine whether they'd actually help quitters gain less weight.



セミ味のアイスクリームはいかが? ― bug



しかし!"Cicada ice cream"を誰が予測したでしょうか!?

(CBS/AP) Cicada-flavored ice cream proved to be a big hit with customers of an ice cream shop in Columbia, Mo. But health officials were so bugged by the stuff that they told the creative thinkers at Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream to cool it.
(David W. Freeman. Cicada ice cream bugs health officials in Missouri: Why? CBS News. June 8, 2011.)




セミ味のアイスクリームに衛生当局の担当者(health officials)が神経をとがらせているのは、ほかならぬ健康被害なのですが、牛肉や鶏肉、豚肉などの食肉に関する調理基準は整備されていても、”セミ”までは想定外だったので、取り締まる根拠に欠けるそうです。

Before the shop could prepare another batch, the City of Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services put the entire effort on ice. Seems the agency's cooking temperature guidelines covered beef, chicken, fish, and pork - but not cicadas.


Cicadas are edible, according to the University of Illinois Extension website. In fact, more than 1,400 species of insect have been confirmed as safe to eat, according to Slate.com. But experts on insect-eating (entomophagy) bugs flitting about one's backyard might contain pesticide residues - though it's unclear whether levels would be high enough to harm people who ate them.



空中浮揚を巡る2つのニュース ― levitation

グーグルニュースのUS版で、”Tokyo, Japan”のセクションを見ていましたら面白い写真が目に付きました。公衆電話ボックスの受話器をボックスの外からつかんでいる女性は宙に浮いています。

At a young age, Natsumi Hayashi had a revelation: Keeping both feet on the ground is overrated.


Her self-portraits are so whimsical and unforgettable that they’re sparking an Internet sensation and garnering attention all over the globe. What makes them so unusual? Well, for starters, in each photograph Hayashi appears to be levitating.
(Laura T. Coffrey. Wheeee! Floating photographer captures herself ‘levitating’. MSN News. June 8, 2011.)



JR Tokai selects stations for maglev

“maglev”とは、”magnetic-levitation”の略で、こちらは磁力により浮揚力を得るサイエンスの話です。”JR Tokai”とあることからすぐにお分かりいただけるように、リニアモーターカーの話です。

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) will locate stations for a magnetic-levitation line in Tokyo's Shinagawa area and near Nagoya's bullet train station.

The railway also plans maglev stops in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, near Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, and near Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, along the 286-km route, Atsushi Honda, a planning manager, said Tuesday in Tokyo.
(JR Tokai selects stations for maglev. Bloomberg. June 9, 2011.)



オーストラリア政府が牛の対インドネシア禁輸措置 ― halfway house

"halfway house"という表現をご存知でしょうか?あまり見慣れない表現ですね。私は知りませんでした。


American Heritage Dictionaryを見ますと、下記のような定義があります。

1. A rehabilitation center where people who have left an institution, such as a hospital or prison, are helped to readjust to the outside world.

2. A stopping place, such as an inn, that marks the midpoint of a journey.



CANBERRA — Australia said Wednesday that it was suspending cattle exports to Indonesia, its top market, after an outcry over video footage showing inhumane treatment of cattle there.

Animal rights groups also called for an outright ban on the trade to other countries.


“There can be no halfway house on this issue. I think we have a real opportunity in the next few weeks to end what is an inhumane and unethical practice,” Mr. Bandt said.
(Australia Suspends Live Cattle Exports to Indonesia. The New York Times. June 8, 2011.)


引用記事の最後の部分は政府議員の発言ですが、"there can be no halfway house on this issue"、という言い方は強い口調です。

なぜAmerican Heritage Dictionaryに定義がないのか不思議ですが、ここで"halfway house"とは、”妥協点”とでも訳されるものです。




感染源特定の難しさ: ドイツ食中毒 ― culprit


The hit-and-miss struggle of German health authorities to identify the contaminated food behind one of the deadliest E. coli outbreaks in recent years underscores the difficulties of following a pathogen through the complex food supply chain, as well as deficiencies in even the most modern health systems in diagnosing this deadly illness.


After mistakenly suggesting that Spanish cucumbers were the likely culprit several days ago, German authorities focused Sunday on bean sprouts from a German farm, only to report on Monday that the first 23 of 40 samples from that farm had tested negative for E. coli. The results from the remaining samples had yet to come back. That does not entirely eliminate the farm as the outbreak’s origin, since even one positive test is sufficient to make the connection.




But determining the origins of an outbreak that has killed 22 and left 600 people in intensive care presents a difficult mystery to unravel, with vital clues disappearing day by day as contaminated food is thrown away and farm and factory equipment is cleaned. Patients — whose illnesses first alerted health authorities to the outbreak — may have only cloudy memories of the meal that landed them in the hospital. Did the sandwich last month in Hamburg contain sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers — or all four?


“What did you eat four weeks ago?” Dr. Tauxe said. “You’re dealing with memory here — so it’s hard to pull apart.”


3つ目として、食中毒被害が発生してからの報告システムの問題があげられています。E. coliを原因とする食中毒を特定するためのテストや報告のシステムが整備されていないということのようです。発生の初期段階で食い止めることができれば被害の拡大を防げるという考えです。

Some scientists complain that health systems in the United States and Europe are not using all available tools to better diagnose toxic E. coli; earlier detection would allow for more effective treatment and limit the scope of outbreaks, they say. Routine tests for patients with bloody diarrhea look for other germs — shigella, salmonella and campylobacter — but not E. coli. Such tests are readily available but more expensive.
(Elisabeth Rosenthal. Elusive Explanations for an E. Coli Outbreak. The New York Times. June 6, 2011.)


ドイツでもやしの食中毒被害拡大 ― sprout

ドイツで、E. coli(大腸菌)による食中毒の被害が拡大し、死者22名までになっているという記事が目を引きました。日本でもつい先月焼肉店での生肉による食中毒で死者が出たニュースが記憶に新しいですが、20名以上の死者というのは被害の規模の大きさが桁違いに思われます。

The death toll from Germany’s E. coli outbreak rose to 22, and officials in Lower Saxony state said sprouts grown by a company near Uelzen were a “significant” source of the bacteria.



もやしとアルファルファの芽はまあ似たようなものだと思いますが、芽キャベツは私などには全く別種のものに思われます。よくよく辞書を見てみますと、”芽キャベツ”とある訳語には、"Brussels sprouts"と括弧書きでありますので、芽キャベツを意味する場合はそのようにはっきり書くということでしょうか。



A total of 2,263 cases of illness have been reported by European Union countries, with 21 deaths in Germany and one in Sweden, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said in a statement. Officials previously had reported at least 18 deaths from the bacteria, enterohemorrhagic E. coli, a type that can cause bloody diarrhea and a toxin that damages the kidneys.

"enterohemorrhagic"という単語が見られますが、食中毒のニュースでは良く聞かれる、”腸管出血性”の大腸菌(E. coli)が今回の被害を引き起こしているようです。

“The source of the outbreak is under investigation, but contaminated food seems the most likely vehicle of infection,” the Stockholm-based ECDC said in the statement.

It’s unclear whether the bacteria came from the water the sprout seeds were grown in or the seedlings themselves, which came both from within Germany and from outside the country, Lindemann said. About 18 different sprouts are grown by the company, including bean, broccoli and garlic, he said. The firm has been shut down and results from tests should be available tomorrow, he said. People shouldn’t eat the sprouts, he said.
(Allison Connoly. Death Toll From German E. Coli at 22; Sprouts Eyed as Source. Business Week. June 5, 2011.)

“18 different sprouts”という表現にやはり戸惑うのですが、”もやし”に限らず、豆やブロッコリ、ガーリックなども、当該の農場で栽培されていたことから、感染のリスクがあるということでしょうか。




sprout <-- sprutan (古英語) <-- spr-(印欧語)
同語源の英単語: sprawl, spray, spread, sperm, sprinkle, sporadicなど

asparagus <-- asparagos(ギリシャ語。spargan(大きくなる)に関連) <-- sparagi(古期英語)
特記事項: ”asparagus”の頭音消失により、sparagus(廃語)が派生、のち”sparrowgrass”にとって代わられる。




ボクシングの世界から(5) ― throw in the towel



throw in the towel




Despite the mounting pressure, many pundits still say he's unlikely to throw in the towel after 12 months or less in office, unlike his past four predecessors.


上記記事の引用元を明らかにしておきます。 Linda Sieg. Japan's PM Kan: a fighter with few political friends. Reuters. June 1, 2011.


ボクシングの世界から(4) ― spar







The candidates are coming. The June 13 debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, sponsored by CNN, the New Hampshire Union Leader, and WMUR-TV, will be the first chance for many top Republican presidential primary candidates to spar onstage. “The June debate will be the kickoff to a long hot summer of campaigning,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee spokeswoman Christine Baratta. “Voters will be looking for to see who’s going to step up to take on President Obama.”
(Shira Schoenberg. Top GOP candidates to spar in June 13 N.H. debate. The Boston Globe. June 1, 2011.) 



Romney and Democrats Spar Over Auto Bailout
(The New York Times. May 24, 2011.)

Harry Reid, Rand Paul spar over Patriot Act on Senate floor
(The Washington Post. May 25, 2011.)

US Nuclear Regulators, Westinghouse Spar Over AP1000 Safety Review
(The New York Times. May 27, 2011.)



ボクシングの世界から(3) ― clinch




Indonesia, Malaysia clinch maid deal: minister JAKARTA — Indonesian domestic helpers will enjoy better working conditions in Malaysia under a new agreement between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur designed to end abuse and torture, a minister said Tuesday. Indonesian Manpower and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said the agreement signed in Bandung late Monday meant the lifting of a two-year freeze on Indonesian maids working in Malaysia.

"After going through a long negotiation process, we have eventually reached an agreement that is a 'win-win solution', with a number of improvements for the Indonesian worker," he said in a statement.
(AFP. May 31, 2011.)