EASTON, Mass. – Shelley Gunn describes her Polish grandmother, Jennie Stejna, as having a feisty spirit. Stejna certainly displayed that spirit as the 103-year-old woman recently survived a bout with the coronavirus.


As Stejna’s condition worsened, Gunn said they called to say what they thought were their final goodbyes. She thanked Stejna for everything she had done for her. When Shelley's husband, Adam Gunn, asked whether Stejna was ready to go to heaven, she replied, “Hell yes.”

But on May 13, Gunn said she got good news — Stejna had recovered.

“This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the coronavirus,” Adam Gunn, said.
(103-year-old Massachusetts woman beats coronavirus, celebrates with Bud Light. USA Today. May 27, 2020.)







さらに遡ると、"fist"、あるいは"fice"という単語に辿り着きますが、中英語でfysting curreと呼んでいたものが短縮したものらしく、その意味は"stinking cur"(臭いイヌ)というものだったそうです。

臭いのには理由があって、それはおなら(放屁)なんですが、中英語でのfysten、あるいはfistenにはおならをする(break the wind)という意味があったそうで、現代語の"fart"にも通じるとか。(以上、Online Etymology Dictionaryの解説を参考。)





President Trump on Tuesday night warned that Republicans should vote against the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the controversial measure that sets up a separate legal avenue for the U.S. government to get permission to spy on individuals who might be agents of a foreign power in the United States.

Trump may get his wish. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is now asking Democratic leadership to pull the FISA bill.

The act is currently expired, with a renewal of its provisions with some reform measures currently working its way through Congress.
(Tyler Olson. Trump urges GOP to vote 'NO' on FISA bill, citing Russia probe concerns. Fox News. May 27, 2020.)

FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)、日本語では外国情報監視法、とか外国諜報活動偵察法、などと訳されるようですが、これはアメリカ国内での主に国外によるスパイ活動を監視することを正当化する法律のようです。



the controversial measure that sets up a separate legal avenue for the U.S. government

と表現しているくだりの、"legal avenue"という部分です。

"avenue"(アヴェニュー)と聞くと、ニューヨークの5th Avenueといった「大通り」の"avenue"がまず思い浮かぶのですが、ここでの"avenue"は、



この"legal avenue"という表現はある程度定着しているようで、コーパスでも多くの用例が見られます。


As previously reported, the City Council remains adamant in its desire to pursue every possible avenue of relief for residents.
(OCRegister, 2017)

But while this may seem like a promising avenue for drug development, there are inherent risks in targeting the immune cells in the brain.
(Scientific American, 2017)

"The Russian government has had endless opportunities to change their bad behavior, and over the past 60 days has proven its disinterest in doing so. The time has come to set the treaty aside and develop alternative avenues toward the security the treaty once provided." NATO also said Russia is in breach of the pact, urging Moscow to come back into compliance during the six months that remain before the United States abandons it.
(Fox News, 2019)





非難の的となっているのは、ジョンソン首相の上級顧問を務めるDominic Cummings氏。



LONDON — Never mind whether Boris Johnson should get rid of Dominic Cummings, the real question is whether he can.

To the U.K. prime minister, his top aide — whose lockdown journey from London to Durham has dominated headlines for days — is more than just an effective political adviser. He is the linchpin of the Downing Street operation; someone who — according to several people who have worked with the two men in and out of government — gives Johnson policy direction and operational grip, while commanding more loyalty among a number of key officials and ministers than the prime minister does himself.


And if Cummings won’t go of his own volition, will (or can) Johnson remove him? Don’t count on it, said one person who worked with both men at Vote Leave. “The whole operation is Dom. The whole of No. 10 is staffed by Dom protégés. Ministers, secretaries of state and special advisers are only in place if he says so … If he doesn't want to go, it would be meltdown for Boris to try to make him.”
(“It would be meltdown’: Why Boris Johnson can’t let Dominic Cummings go. Politico. May 26, 2020.)









wise guy



It’s unfortunate for the Democrats that their Great (White!) Hope against Donald Trump does best when he is nowhere to be found, for each time he resurfaces, he seems to say or do something incredibly stupid. Take, for instance, his recent assertion to Charlamagne Tha God on Breakfast Club that if you’re a black person who votes for Trump, “You ain’t black.” Biden realizes now that he perhaps made a mistake.

According to the Associated Press, Biden conceded that he “should not have been so cavalier” about Trump-supporting black voters. Biden did not apologize for seemingly affecting a stereotyped accent while speaking to Charlamagne, one my colleague Ashley Reese so aptly called out yesterday. He did, however, acknowledge that he should not take black voters and/or their concerns for granted.

“I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” he said in a call with the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce. “No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background.”
(Rebecca Fishbein. Joe Biden Regrets Putting Foot in Mouth for 4,000th Time. Jezebel. May 23, 2020.)


“I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” Biden said. “No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background.”

ここで使われている、"wise guy"という表現が面白いので取り上げました。

字義通りに解釈すると、賢い(wise)ということになりますが、"wise guy"という時は反語的な意味合いで、



バイデン氏ご自身、失言を反省して、”wise guy”の振る舞いを自覚した、というところでしょうか。




What started out as a freedom-loving celebration of the Second Amendment ahead of Memorial Day turned into Gov. Andy Beshear being hanged in effigy and protesters chanting outside the governor’s mansion.

The Second Amendment rally, meant to inspire people “about what it really means to be FREE,” according to Take Back Kentucky, attracted at least 100 people on Sunday. They gathered from 1-4 p.m. at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort.

It began as a celebration of constitutional rights but turned into a protest of coronavirus restrictions and Beshear’s administration. Folks toted their guns and waved American and “Don’t tread on me” flags. Taps honored the fallen, and free flags were given to veterans from all military branches.
(Sarah Ladd. Beshear hanged in effigy as Second Amendment supporters rally at Capitol before Memorial Day. USA Today. May 24, 2020.)

アメリカは週末に続く月曜日がMemorial Day(戦没者将兵追悼記念日)の休日となっていますが、ケンタッキー州で行われた集会では州による新型コロナウィルス感染症の拡大防止策に矛先が向かった結果、州知事の人形が吊るされるという過激が一幕が見られた、というものです。


being hanged in effigy






hanged in effigy
burned in effigy





half staff


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Thursday he will order U.S. flags to be lowered over federal buildings to honor those who have died from the coronavirus.

The order, which Trump said would continue into the Memorial Day weekend, comes as the nation approaches 100,000 deaths from the virus. Flags traditionally fly at half staff on Memorial Day to honor the nation's fallen members of the military.

"I will be lowering the flags on all Federal Buildings and National Monuments to half-staff over the next three days in memory of the Americans we have lost to the CoronaVirus," Trump tweeted Thursday. "On Monday, the flags will be at half-staff in honor of the men and women in our Military who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our Nation."

Trump's decision came hours after congressional Democrats sent a letter requesting that the flags be lowered when the coronavirus death toll hits 100,000.
(Trump to order US flags lowered to honor coronavirus victims as death toll approaches 100,000. USA Today. May 21, 2020.)

ちょうど来週の月曜日(5月25日)は、米国ではMemorial Day(戦没将兵追悼記念日)の公休日で、この日は半旗が掲げられるのが恒例です。

Memorial Dayに連なる週末からの3日間を、新型コロナウィルス感染症の犠牲者を慰霊して半旗を掲げることにしたということのようです。


flag at half staff


"(at) half mast"とも表現されますので、同じ意味かと思ったら、半旗ということでは同じなんですが、厳密には海上で船舶が半旗を掲げる場合が"half mast"、陸上での半旗は"half staff"という違いがあるようです。(ちなみに、"mast"も"staff"も、旗竿の意味です。)

また、アメリカでは、国民の多くが死亡するなどした場合に、半旗を掲げることを命令する大統領命令(executive order)を発する権限が大統領に与えられているということで、今回もその命令に基づくものと見られます。


rub elbows


CINCINNATI – William J. Keating, a political, business and civic leader who rubbed elbows with everyone from presidents to the everyday people of his community, died Wednesday,it was confirmed to The Enquirer. He was 93.

Any part of Keating’s career would have constituted a life lived in full by itself. Taken together, they represent an extraordinary legacy in the fields of law, politics and business.

"I lost a great friend," longtime law partner Don Klekamp said Wednesday night. "Bill was kind to everybody. He was admired and loved by all. What an example he's been."
(Bill Keating, former congressman and Gannett executive, dies at age 93. USA Today. May 20, 2020.)



a political, business and civic leader who rubbed elbows with everyone from presidents to the everyday people of his community


今日取り上げる表現は、"rub elbows"というものですが、文字通り訳すならば、肘を擦る、となります。"touch elbows"と表現することもあるようです。

"rub elbows with~"は、with以下の人と、親しく付き合う、交際する、という意味です。









Peanuts, pretzels — and PPE.

Flight attendants with Qatar Airways will wear disposable hazmat suits, safety googles, gloves and masks over their uniforms to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the airline announced this week.

The safety measures coincide with efforts to limit crew members’ interactions with passengers, who will be required to wear masks on board starting May 25.

Passengers in business class will have the option of hitting the “Do not disturb” sign if they want to limit contact. And meals in business class will be served on a tray, instead of the usual table setup, and cutlery will come wrapped.
(Lia Eustanchewich. Qatar Airways flight attendants to wear hazmat suits on flights. New York Post. May 19, 2020.)




Personal Protective (or Protection) Equipment


この略語が人口に膾炙したきっかけは勿論新型コロナウィルス感染症の拡大にあって、Merriam-Webster Dictionaryでは今年4月にこの単語を辞書に新たに追加したとのことです。



al fresco



そこで急上昇してきたキーワードが、"al fresco"です。


Al fresco dining may be the key to the Big Apple’s post-quarantine restaurant scene, industry insiders say.

Social-distancing rules mean that restaurants could be forced to reopen with 50 percent fewer customers because diners will need to be seated at least six feet apart. While that could present big problems for eateries accustomed to packing tables together, it’s an opportunity for facilities big on space.
(Jennifer Gould Keil. Al fresco dining may be key to NYC’s restaurants reopening. New York Post. May 10, 2020.)


Al fresco dining


"al fresco"というのはイタリア語ですが、戸外で(の)、野外で(の)、という意味で、副詞、もしくは形容詞的に用いられます。



さて、"al fresco"という表現に戻りますが、frescoのスペルから想像がつくように、これは英語の"fresh"に相当するイタリア語です。

従って、"al fresco"とは、"in the fresh (air)"という意味であり、新鮮な空気の吸うことができる戸外、野外、ということになります。


"Believe Women" rule

今年のアメリカ大統領選で民主党指名候補確実とされているJoe Biden氏から性的暴行を受けたとして同氏を告発し、一躍時の人となったTara Readeさん。


が、その後の展開で、Tara Readeさんの説明につじつまが合わない点が多いことや、過去に周囲の人達と金銭的なトラブルなどを抱えていたことなどが報じられ、Readeさんにとっては不利な状況が報じられています。


When Tara Reade, a former staffer in the office of then-Sen. Joe Biden, stepped forward to make a claim that Biden had sexually violated her, an endless stream of commentary ensued: It’s hard to not believe her if you believed Christine Blasey Ford (who accused Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault when both were teenagers). Democrats are in a pickle! Live by the “believe women” rule!

This effort at moral equivalency made the same error that all such comparisons do: It attempted to treat unequal things as equal. In the case of Ford, she had never changed her account of an assault at a party, which Kavanaugh denies. She testified under oath, credibly recounting the episode.
(Jennifer Rubin. There is a huge difference between Christine Blasey Ford and Tara Reade. Washington Post. May 17, 2020.)

民主党に対する批判は、Kavanaugh氏のセクハラ問題の際の追求姿勢と比較しての話で、いわばダブルスタンダードを指摘するものですが、引用した記事では、(Kavanaugh氏のケースにおける被害女性である)Chritine Blasey Fordさんと、Readeさんとでは、信憑性等を判断する上での事情が全く異なる、と切り捨てています。


Live by the “believe women” rule!


この"Believe Women" (rule)というのが米国における政治スローガンだとは知りませんでした。


"Believe women", sometimes expressed by opponents as "Believe all women", is an American political slogan arising out of the #MeToo movement. It refers to the perceived necessity of accepting women's allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault at face value.




In sum, Reade’s story is riddled with inconsistencies. There are plenty of contemporaneous witnesses (including those who would have received a complaint and say they did not) to dispute her allegations. Questions about her credibility abound.




revenge spending




A luxury rebound in China is fueling hopes of a rapid recovery for high-end brands. Yet analysts say the wealthy are likely spend very differently in the post-pandemic world.

Many of the biggest brands in China — including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and Prada — are seeing rapid bounce backs in sales as stores reopen in China, according to Claudia D’Arpizio, partner at Bain & Co who focuses on luxury. After a steep and sudden drop in the first quarter, many top brands will end up positive for 2020 in China given the strong sales, she said.

The Hermes store in Guangzhou, for instance, hauled in $2.7 million in sales the day it reopened in April — believed to be a record for a boutique in China. The burst of sales has created a new retail term for the post-lockdown rebound: “revenge spending.” The idea is that consumers were shopping starved during their quarantine and are overcompensating by splurging more than usual.
(Robert Frank. ‘Revenge spending’ by the rich could drive luxury recovery. CNBC. May 13, 2020.)



revenge spending




Chinese shoppers are slowly returning to the glitzy malls and boutiques where they’ve been driving growth of the global luxury industry as coronavirus quarantine measures relax.

Store traffic in China is creeping back up after falling as much as 80% at the virus outbreak’s peak there earlier this winter, hammering sales of brands ranging from Burberry Group Plc to Kering SA’s Gucci. The recovery could accelerate in the coming weeks, fueled by so-called “revenge spending” sprees.
(Chinese luxury industry rebounds from coronavirus thanks to ‘revenge spending.’ Fortune. March 12, 2020.)


“revenge spending” sprees

となっています。単に"spending spree"で良いと思われるのですが、"revenge"という修飾語を敢えて付け加えるのは、ひょっとすると"revenge porn"という表現の影響ではないかとも思いました。

しかしながら、“revenge spending”と“revenge porn”とでは、その表現の性格はやや異なっているように思います。


Amrita Banta, managing director at Agility Research, used the term — previously coined to describe pent-up Chinese consumer demand that was unleashed in the 1980s after the chaos and poverty of the Cultural Revolution — to describe buying by luxury clients whose pockets are flush with cash after weeks of canceled plans.










After two weeks of working from her Brooklyn apartment, a 25-year-old e-commerce worker received a staffwide email from her company: Employees were to install software called Hubstaff immediately on their personal computers so it could track their mouse movements and keyboard strokes, and record the webpages they visited.

They also had to download an app called TSheets to their phones to keep tabs on their whereabouts during work hours.


The coronavirus pandemic has forced about a third of U.S. workers to do their jobs from home. In turn, companies are ramping up the use of software to monitor what their employees do all day.

Privacy advocates and some workers said they worry that the intensified tracking brought upon by the coronavirus will normalize workplace surveillance and that this type of digital supervision will persist when workers return to offices.


Critics call this kind of tracking software "tattleware." But Brad Miller, who runs the Connecticut-based company Awareness Technologies, bristles at that description.

"If you're not working or doing something wrong, then I guess it will tattle on you, but I don't think that's really how companies that are buying [the software] think of it as," Miller said.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Miller said that Awareness Technologies' business has tripled. Its programs for managers keep a record of every task employees are doing on their computers. Each worker then gets assigned a productivity score. Every employee is ranked accordingly.
(Bobby Allyn. Your Boss Is Watching You: Work-From-Home Boom Leads To More Surveillance. NPR. May 13, 2020.)












a reckoning






今日読んだNew York Timesの記事が、まさに我が意を得たりの内容でした。

Before the coronavirus crisis, three of New York City’s largest commercial tenants — Barclays, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley — had tens of thousands of workers in towers across Manhattan. Now, as the city wrestles with when and how to reopen, executives at all three firms have decided that it is highly unlikely that all their workers will ever return to those buildings.

The research firm Nielsen has arrived at a similar conclusion. Even after the crisis has passed, its 3,000 workers in the city will no longer need to be in the office full-time and can instead work from home most of the week.

The real estate company Halstead has 32 branches across the city and region. But its chief executive, who now conducts business over video calls, is mulling reducing its footprint.
(Matthew Haag. Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm. The New York Times. May 12, 2020.)



Manhattan has the largest business district in the country, and its office towers have long been a symbol of the city’s global dominance. With hundreds of thousands of office workers, the commercial tenants have given rise to a vast ecosystem, from public transit to restaurants to shops. They have also funneled huge amounts of taxes into state and city coffers.

But now, as the pandemic eases its grip, companies are considering not just how to safely bring back employees, but whether all of them need to come back at all. They were forced by the crisis to figure out how to function productively with workers operating from home — and realized unexpectedly that it was not all bad.



Manhattan Faces a Reckoning...





つまり、貸し借りの精算(settling, summing up)ということなのですが、一旦リセットするということとも解釈できます。(それが望ましい結果となるとならないとに関わらず。)

ある出来事を契機として、見直しを迫られている状況、それが“face a reckoning”の意味するところと言っても良さそうです。



今年行われるアメリカ大統領選で、民主党の指名候補確実とされているJoe Biden氏に関する記事からの引用です。

まずは、記事のタイトル"Joe Biden needs his Joe Biden."に目が引かれたというところなんですが、これは面白い表現ですね。

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is looking for his Joe Biden.

Biden has begun the vetting process for a running mate after announcing his vice presidential committee on April 30. Biden has previously told donors that he would like the vetting process done by July.

Biden has committed to having a woman as his potential vice president.
(Rebecca Morin. Joe Biden needs his Joe Biden. Here's a look at the women who could be on his vice presidential shortlist. USA Today. May 11, 2020.)

「バイデン氏が、彼自身のJoe Bidenを必要としている」、とでも訳せそうですが、一体どういうことだろうと思ったら、大統領選に立候補するバイデン氏を支える副大統領候補指名の話題だったという訳です。

バイデン氏はオバマ政権時の副大統領として知られていることから、"his Joe Biden"というのは即ち、今回は大統領候補である自身の副大統領候補者、ということで、面白い言い回しだと思いました。


“And so I'm going to need a woman vice president who has the capacity, has strengths where I have weaknesses,” he said. Biden has noted he is looking for vice presidential candidate with whom he can be "simpatico."






razor-sharp focus





As the entire world works to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the role of effective leadership has been brought into razor sharp focus. What people need now are leaders with empathy, compassion and an ability to show support — skills that women leaders tend to exhibit more than men. While it may take a global pandemic to finally acknowledge the unique talents and capabilities women leaders offer, companies shouldn't wait until there is a crisis to afford women an opportunity to lead.

While there is insufficient data to conclude that women world leaders are managing the Covid-19 pandemic more effectively, the emerging trends are hard to ignore. New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has been widely praised for her clear, bold and supportive approach to flattening the curve.
(Michelle P King. Women are better leaders. The pandemic proves it. CNN. May 5, 2020.)


the role of effective leadership has been brought into razor sharp focus

というくだりの、"razor sharp focus"という部分です。

というのも、"laser-beam focus"という表現を聞いたことがあるからです。

それは、仕事で会議出席中のことでしたが、アメリカ人の発言の中で使われていたと記憶します。コンテクストとしては、顧客のニーズに"laser-beam focus"をあてなければならない、というようなことだったと記憶します。実際の発言の英語表現は記憶があいまいなのですが、私はなるほど、レーザー光線のように、一切のブレのないように、顧客ニーズに焦点を当てる、という意味なんだな、そんな表現もあるんだなあ、と思ったように記憶します。

ところが、ここで使われているのは、"rezor sharp focus"で、日本人が苦手とするLとRの発音の違いはあるにせよ、同じ「レーザー」ということで、戸惑いを覚えました。


フォーカス(焦点)という概念を強調する形容としては、カミソリ(の切れ味)よりもレーザービーム(のピンポイント)の方が適しているような感じもしますが、これが調べてみると意外にも"razo-sharp focus"はある程度定着しているようなんですね。コーパスで検索すると10数件ではありますが、用例が確認できます。

さらに意外なことには、"laser-sharp focus"という表現も使われているという事実です。

Adams remains active as a photographer, and as a 1999-2003 series of gut-wrenching images of the clear-cutting of forests in Clatsop County, Ore., makes clear, his critical eye has lost none of its laser-sharp focus.
(Denver Post, 2011)

"laser-sharp focus"は、"laser-beam focus"と同じ意味合いで使われていると思われます。

"razor-sharp focus"の方はどうでしょうか?




forced conformity





そんな中、CNNの記事を読んでいたら、"forced conformity"という表現に目が留まったという訳です。

Most Americans have never had to wear a mask for their health before, let alone while they shop for groceries or go for a run.

So, even as businesses or states increasingly require them, rebellion is natural -- to a degree, says Dr. David Aronoff, director of Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Division of Infectious Diseases and professor of medicine.

But he urges Americans to think of the mask guidance not as forced conformity, but as a necessary act of solidarity: Wearing a cloth mask could stop seemingly healthy people from infecting others with coronavirus if they're asymptomatic.
(Scottie Andrew. The psychology behind why some people won't wear masks. CNN. May 6, 2020.)


Action or behavior in correspondence with socially accepted standards, conventions, rules, or laws
(American Heritage Dictionary)








Ever since the CDC announced that Americans should be wearing a face covering in public to help slow the spread of coronavirus, reusable cloth options have been popping up everywhere. From designers on Etsy pivoting their storefronts to selling masks to brands like Reformation adding them to its lineup, there are plenty of places to order one online.

Apparel brand Rag & Bone is one of the latest labels to launch face masks. If the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen Jennifer Aniston call it out as one of her go-to brands for jeans. And she’s not the only celeb that’s a fan — Blake Lively and Katie Holmes have also shown it some love.

Rag & Bone’s new Stealth Masks are lined with 100 percent cotton, have elastic ear straps, and come in a variety of designs like denim and gingham. You can pre-order a pack of three for $55, or purchase an individual mask for $30. The brand will be donating $5 from each purchase to City Harvest, with the remainder going towards those most affected by coronavirus, local workers, and the manufacture of more masks.
(Christina Butan. This Celeb-Loved Denim Brand Launched Face Masks That Support a Good Cause. People. May 5, 2020.)






serge de Nimes



“serge de Nimes”は、英語圏で使われるに従って、”serge”が脱落、”de Nimes”だけになってしまったんですね。






USA Today紙の記事からの引用です。

Symptoms of a rare inflammatory condition have been identified in at least 15 children in New York City hospitals, alarming pediatricians across the country and raising concerns about a possible link to the coronavirus.

The patients exhibited symptoms typically seen in Kawasaki disease or toxic shock syndrome, including a persistent fever, according to the city’s health department.

The children were between 2 and 15 years old and were identified between April 29 and May 3. While all the patients had a fever, more than half of them reported a rash, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea.

In an alert issued to doctors, the NYC health department said less than half of the patients exhibited respiratory symptoms. Four of the cases tested positive for COVID-19, while 11 tested negative.
(Adrianna Rodriguez. The 'boogeyman' of pediatrics: What is Kawasaki disease and is it linked to the coronavirus? USA Today. May 5, 2020.)



さて、USA Today紙の記事では以下のように解説されています。

“Kawasaki disease is one of the great mysteries in pediatrics,” said Dr. Frank Esper, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases. “It’s something we’ve been dealing with for decades.”


While doctors know how to treat Kawasaki disease, they still don’t know what causes it or why some people get it. Esper says "a cemetery of different reports" have hypothesized the disease is caused by viruses while others say people may be genetically predisposed.

“Kawasaki disease is the boogeyman to pediatricians,” he said. “It’s extremely difficult to diagnose. Even with the most astute clinicians, we have a hard time figuring out who has it and who doesn’t.”


“Kawasaki disease is the boogeyman to pediatricians,”











a heart of gold


A big-spending Texan celebrated the re-opening of an Austin steakhouse by paying double for his family’s dinner — and then left $1,300 in tips, according to a report Monday.

The unidentified eater visited Bull & The Frog, a tapas-style restaurant, following the expiration of the Lone Star State’s coronavirus stay-at-home order, CNN said.
(Bruce Golding. Texas restaurant patron pays double for dinner, leaves $1,300 in tips. New York Post. May 4, 2020.)





An anonymous Texas diner demonstrated a heart of gold after leaving a $9,400 tip to aid their local eatery amid the coronavirus-caused restaurant closures.

The couple had reportedly arrived at Irma’s Southwest in Houston Monday to catch an early dinner before the county’s restaurants reverted to takeout-only service due to the coronavirus pandemic, CNN reports.
(Ben Cost. Patron leaves $9,400 tip to pay restaurant staff during coronavirus closure. New York Post. March 18, 2020.)




a heart of gold


Something regarded as having great value or goodness
(American Heritage Dictionary)







Fox Newsの記事から引用します。

As speculation still lingers over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after he reappeared publicly on Saturday for the first time in 20 days, an official in South Korea says it doesn't appear the dictator had any medical procedure.

Video released by North Korea showed a smiling Kim moving around during the completion of a fertilizer factory near Pyongyang, with some observers still raising questions on whether he looked a bit stiff as he walked around the facility.

A South Korean government official told Fox News on Sunday that "our government believes" there was no indication that a medical procedure occurred on the leader of the Hermit Kingdom, who is believed to be 36, despite speculation he may have had a heart procedure.


Kim hasn’t publicly anointed his successor, and rumors about his health triggered worries about the North’s political stability and its nuclear program.
(No indication Kim Jong Un had surgery during absence, South Korean official says. Fox News. May 3, 2020.)



Kim hasn’t publicly anointed his successor




ところで、油を塗る、というのはキリスト教における洗礼式と関係があり、聖書にはイザヤ書を始めとして、「主に油を注がれし者」、「主が油を注ぐ」といった表現が出てきます。(英語では”Anointed One”という表現が特別な意味合いとして用いられ、またキリストを指すメシアとは民を救う命を主から担うことになった「油を注がれし者」という意味合いなのだそうです。)


The half Kenyan, half Kansan Obama was anointed as a future Democratic star, even a possible president, by the media after his speech at the Democratic National Convention in July.
(USA Today, 2004)


snap at

2020年アメリカ大統領選の民主党有力候補のJoe Biden氏にセクハラ疑惑が突然持ち上がり、暗い影を落としています。

関連記事を読んでみますと、27年も前の話に遡る1993年にBiden氏のアシスタントを務めていたTara Readeさんが、当時Biden氏に性的暴行を受けたと告発したことが発端のようです。



下院議長のNancy Pelosi氏が、セクハラ疑惑について質問する記者にキレた(Pelosi snaps at reporter over Biden allegation)、という記事からの引用です。

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., doubled down on her support for Joe Biden on Thursday in the face of a sexual assault allegation against him and had a contentious response to a reporter who asked whether she was treating Biden differently than Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

During her Capitol press conference, the first question to the speaker was about Biden, but Pelosi shut down the reporter, saying she first wanted to address the topic on hand — expanding broadband access as part of the broader coronavirus stimulus measures.

At the end of the press conference, after Pelosi has spoken thoroughly about her legislative priorities, the reporter brought up the sexual assault allegation from Tara Reade against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The Washington Examiner's Kerry Picket asked whether Democrats had a different "standard" for Biden than for Kavanaugh, for whom Democrats were demanding an FBI investigation over an alleged assault when he was a teenager.

"I respect your question," Pelosi told the reporter. "I don't need a lecture or a speech."
(Marisa Schultz. Pelosi snaps at reporter over Biden allegation, doubles down on support: 'I don't need a lecture.' Fox News. April 30, 2020.)



記事のタイトルで使われている”snap at”という表現を取り上げましたが、”snap”というのはパチンとかポキッといったような感じで物を折ったり、切ったりする行為を指す動詞です。

“snap at”については、

To speak abruptly or sharply
(American Heritage Dictionary)

to speak or utter sharply or irritably
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)