偏屈な女 ― bigot



Gordon Brown's blunder in calling a voter "bigoted" for asking about immigration has thrown a spotlight on a highly-sensitive - and little discussed - issue in Britain's poll race. The British premier was forced to apologies after being overheard Wednesday dismissing grandmother Gillian Duffy for raising concerns about eastern European migrants, but her questions reflected a real worry on the doorsteps.
(British PM's gaffe highlights immigration tensions. Hurriyet Daily News. April 29, 2010.)

"bigot"という単語は、"by God"というフレーズに由来するものですが、“神にかけて”、“神に誓って”というフレーズが気安く発せられることを指して、“偽善的な”というような意味も持っていたもののようです。


来年のセンター試験予想問題 ― loopy (2)

問題: Loopyの意味として適切なものを選択せよ。

選択肢: (1)foolish (2)crazy (3)stupid  (4)unrealistic



島根大学の名誉教授(言語学)から、Washington Postへ直接、意味を質す問い合わせがあったとかで、改めてメディアの注目を集めています。日本の全国紙でも、"loopy"は”愚か”という意味よりも、”現実離れ”(日経)、”現実遊離”(産経)の意味に近い、と訂正記事(?)を出す有り様!?


It seems Japan just can't let go of our April 14 column calling Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama the "biggest loser" at the recent nuclear summit here because he asked for -- but did not get -- a one-on-one meeting with President Obama. We also described him as hapless and, in the view of Obama administration officials, "increasingly loopy."

The next day, a top aide to Hatoyama criticized the use of "loopy" as "somewhat impolite." In a just world, that might have ended the matter.


But confusion abounds as to what the word means.

We got a kind e-mail Saturday from Masayoshi Yamada, an emeritus professor of linguistics at the University of Shimane, who said the "Japanese mass media showed us two different translations" of the word.

"One translated it into the Japanese as meaning 'stupid,' " he wrote, "the other 'crazy.' " A dictionary of American slang, he added, "defines it as 'stupid, silly or eccentric,' " which left him and his students "just helpless when we wanted to decide what your 'loopy' usage precisely means."

Dear Professor Yamada:

Thank you for your inquiry. At the outset, we must emphasize that "loopy" is the exact polar opposite of "in the loop," which means plugged in or very well informed about things, especially the internal decision-making at the top levels of organizations.


After discussion with several experts -- actually, reporter colleagues who sit within a 30-foot radius -- the consensus is that the term essentially refers to someone oddly detached from reality.
(Al Kamen. 'Loopy' takes Japan by storm. The Washington Post. April 28, 2010.)

本ブログでの記事では、"loopy"は、"loop"(輪)が多い状態を指すというようなことを書きましたが、ワシントン・ポストの記事では、"in the loop"という成句が意味する、”十分に(問題の)事項について情報を得ている、また加担している”、という状況の正反対である、と定義されています。

その意味では、"out of the loop"とも解されるのですが、”現実離れしている”という形容は、現職総理大臣が”宇宙人”とも形容、揶揄されるのとも符合するものではないかと思えてきます。


ファミレスのキッズメニューについてくるおもちゃは肥満原因 ― freebie



SAN JOSE, Calif. — County officials in Silicon Valley trying to curb childhood obesity voted Tuesday to ban restaurants from giving away toys and other freebies that often come with high-calorie meals aimed at kids.


"This ordinance does not attack toys. Obviously, toys, in and of themselves, do not make children obese," said county Supervisor Ken Yeager, who pushed for the ban. "But it is unfair to parents and children to use toys to capture the tastes of children when they are young to get them hooked on eating high-sugar, high-fat foods early in life."
(California County Bans Toys in Kids' Meals at Restaurants. Associated Press. April 28, 2010.)



A 2008 study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest showed that 10 out of 12 meals that came with toys exceeded the recommended caloric limits for children, Yeager said.


確かに多くのレストランチェーン、いわゆるファミレスのようなところに家族で行くと、メニューの一部にはおもちゃ付きというのがよくあります。大体が”Made in China”のどうでもいいようなおもちゃで、いずれゴミになるのであまり好きではないのですが、たしかにおもちゃ付きは、そうでないメニューに比べて子供からは選択されやすいと言えるように思われます。もしそれらが選択的に高カロリーメニューであるとしたら・・・。



豪の学校で連絡通路が崩落 ― give way


The new walkway at Stanmore's Newington College gave way this morning while a group of year 7 students were getting books from their lockers.

Sixteen boys, aged 12 and 13, were taken to hospital suffering minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

The students fell through the 1.5 metre-high floor and the lockers landed on top of them.

In a statement, Australian Portable Buildings says it had engineering experts at the site today and is offering all appropriate assistance to the school and WorkCover.
(Builder regrets school walkway collapse. ABC News. April 27, 2010.)

記事のタイトルでは、"collapse"という単語が使われていますが、文中では"give way"という成句が用いられています。


くるくるパー!? ― loopy



By far the biggest loser of the extravaganza was the hapless and (in the opinion of some Obama administration officials) increasingly loopy Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. He reportedly requested but got no bilat. The only consolation prize was that he got an "unofficial" meeting during Monday night's working dinner. Maybe somewhere between the main course and dessert?
(Al Kamen. Among leaders at summit, Hu's first. April 14, 2010. The Washington Post.)




かばん語(5) ― prosumer


professional + consumer



A good rule of thumb is that the larger the sensor, the less noise in the image. The CMOS sensor in a prosumer-level Nikon D90, for example, is 15.8 by 23.6mm, and the sensor in a pro-level Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III is 36 by 24mm.
(The Register. April 21, 2010.)



producer + consumer



GOODMAN Meanwhile, in your third book, which is called the third -- oh, I'm sorry, in your 1980 book called "The Third Wave," you introduced the term "prosumer," which to me is more relevant than ever in today's society.

DEAN OLSHER reporting Yes.

GOODMAN Explain what a prosumer is, and what you've seen happen.

DEAN OLSHER reporting OK. There was no word for what we intended, so we invented one. And what we meant was, prosumer's a person who consumes what they themselves produce, instead of selling it. It's for their own use, or for their kids, or giving out free.
(Author Alvin Toffler, "Revolutionary Wealth." NBC Today. 2006.)


かばん語(4) ― guestimate



The dust is simply too dangerous for jet engines to risk commercial flights encountering it, said Nats. If volcanic ash particles are ingested into a jet engine, they accumulate and clog it with molten glass, which can cause the engine to shut down.


Because of this, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which operates the International Airways Volcano Watch system, recommends implementing a no-fly zone if volcanic ash is detectable in airspace.

Aviation consultant, Chris Yates explained: "The ICAO regulation that has prompted this widespread grounding is from experience gained from over 80 incidents between 1980 and 2000 [as well as] computer modelling and best 'guestimate'."
(Victoria Gill. Scientists assess flight risks from Iceland volcano ash. BBC News. April 20, 2010.)



大体推測がつくと思いますが、"guess" + "estimate"が合体した単語です。こちらは小学館のランダムハウス英和辞書やAmerican Heritageにもエントリがあります。意味としては、推測、当て推量、など、”正当な根拠なく”、というような、ややネガティヴな意味が含意されているようなのですが、上記の記事でも、フライトがキャンセルになって足止めをくっている人たちから見れば、本当なの?と疑いたくなる心理を代弁しているかのようです。



かばん語(3) ― emoticon :-) ;-) ^_^ (*_*)

emotion(感情)+ icon(記号)による、現代のかばん語です。


インターネット全盛時代に産まれた表現だと思いますが、大学のレポート(term paper)にまで進出しているというのですから、言葉(記号?)の威力たるや、侮れません。

College professors are anything but LOL at their students' recent writing habits.

Not only are instructors not laughing out loud — shortened to LOL in text messages and online chats — at the technology-oriented shorthand that has seeped into academic papers, many of them also sternly telling students to stop using the new language even in less formal writing.


The introduction of such casual language into term papers is a sea change from the days when nearly all students addressed their instructors as "professor" or "doctor." More faculty members ask students to call them by their first names, but many are drawing the line at texting shorthand or even emoticons — smiley faces made out of punctuation marks.

Tech-speak has been moving through the educational pipeline toward colleges for a few years. A 2008 survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that two-thirds of middle- and high-school students had accidentally used instant-messaging-style words in their work, while a quarter admitted using emoticons in assignments.
(Matt Krupnik. Texting slang invading academic work. The Seattle Times. April 14, 2010.)



かばん語(2) ― Bollywood


Bollywood = Bombay + Hollywood


Unlike Hollywood, sequels have never been much popular in Bollywood. This was probably because some early sequels did not succeed and filmmakers were not willing to take risk. This went on till some filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani made sequels, throwing all caution to the air. His Munnabhai M.B.B.S. became a cult film and Hirani was discouraged from making sequels.
(Entertainment and Showbiz. April 20, 2010.)



かばん語(1) ― sexting


英語では、"portmanteau word"ですが、"portmanteau"=“スーツケース”であり、かばん語とはここから来ているものと思われます。単に、"blend"ということもあります。


breakfast + lunch で、"brunch"(朝食と昼食兼用の食事)
mortor + hotel で、"motel"(車での旅行者向けの宿泊施設)





Microsoft has deleted a clip from one of its KIN ads that showed a young bloke serendipitously photographing his breast before sending the image to a woman. 

Redmond apologised for including the scene in the ad for its new so-called "social phone", after an alarmist US consumer group complained that the clip promoted sexting among youngsters.

"Microsoft has deleted the inappropriate portion of the Kin video. We take sexting very seriously, & are sorry it happened," said the vendor on its Safer_Online Twitter account.
(Kelly Fiveash. Microsoft yanks KIN ad boob. The Register. April 19, 2010.)







野球で使う表現(5) ― bean ball



Cliff Lee didn't intend beanball?

Back in spring training, injured Seattle Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee caused a little excitement when he got thrown out of a game for throwing a little too close for Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder's comfort. Snyder was convinced that Lee was throwing at his head. Both benches emptied but nothing much happened. Now Lee has a five-game suspension that he'll start serving as soon as he comes off the disabled list.

Lee got to state his case to the league Wednesday in hopes of shortening his suspension and, just as when the incident happened, he claims that he was just unexplainably wild at that moment, according to the Seattle Times.

Conventional wisdom has it that Lee threw at Snyder because the two got tangled up at home plate earlier in the game, but Lee told the league the two incidents had nothing to do with each other.

Lee also apparently told the league that the abdominal injury that has him on the DL right now might be part of the reason he wasn't throwing spot-on pitches that day.
(Mark J. Miller. Cliff Lee didn't intend beanball? Seattle Times. April 15, 2010.)



野球で使う表現(4) ― fungo


A fly ball hit for fielding practice by a player who tosses the ball up and hits it on its way down with a long, thin, light bat.
(American Heritage Dictionary)


fungo bat


Raynor takes part in 15 minutes of fungo drills with outfielder instructor Gary Varsho virtually every day, a process similar to the one that Steve Pearce began two years ago.

"John fits in that category," Varsho said. "He has to learn how to read the ball off the bat. Obviously, he's challenged in that area, and he needs to understand that more practice will make him better.
(Paul Ladewski. Raynor learning on fly in outfield. The Altoona Mirror. March 28, 2010.)

上記の引用例での、"fungo drill"は、ノックの(反復)練習のことを指していると思われます。



野球で使う表現(3) ― walk


Walking Tony Gwynn on four pitches with the bases loaded would've been bad enough. Walking Tony Gwynn Jr. on four pitches with the bases loaded?

Oh, my.

It was that kind of day for the Braves' Jair Jurrjens and Jo-Jo Reyes, who got rocked in a 10-run fourth inning that sent the San Diego Padres to a startling 17-2 win in Monday's series opener at Petco Park.

"Today was just a bad day; I was horrible," said Jurrjens, charged with eight runs and eight hits in 3-1/3 innings, the worst start of his young career. "Everything I threw up there was like a ‘hit-me' ball, I guess – it was big, and everything was up. They're professional hitters, a professional team, and they're going to make me pay if I keep making mistakes like that."

Said manager Bobby Cox, "That's the worst game I've ever seen him pitch."
(David O'Brien. Jurrjens, Reyes rocked in 17-2 Braves loss. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. April 13, 2010.)




満塁で(with bases loaded)フォアボールを与えてしまったということで、このピッチャーには辛い一日だったことでしょう。


野球で使う表現(2) ― bases loaded


フルベース(full base)という日本語もありますが、和製英語だということです。

With the sparse crowd chanting, ‘Cody, Cody', it was all set up for Cody Ross and not Jorge Cantu to be the hero for the Marlins on Monday night at Sun Life Stadium.

Full-count, two outs, bases loaded of a 5-5 game in the bottom of the ninth. Every little-leaguer and big-leaguer's dream.
(Harvey Fialkov. Rolen’s bat lifts Reds over Marlins in 10 innings. Sun Sentinel. April 13, 2010.)



野球で使う表現(1) ― tag out








NEW YORK — Josh Willingham wound up with a grand slam off Johan Santana after a wild sequence in the first inning capped by an instant replay review, and the Washington Nationals went on to beat the New York Mets 5-2 on Sunday.

Willingham's bases-loaded drive hit the wall in left-center and was initially ruled in play. He tried to stretch his triple when the ball got away from catcher Rod Barajas and was tagged out, leaving both players sprawled across home plate.
(The Associated Press. April 12, 2010.)


ヒジャーブとは? ― hijab

今日のネタを探していて、いつものようにGoogle Newsを見ていると、痛ましい事故のニュース記事にあたりました。

The family of a young Sydney mother who died after her hijab became tangled in a go-kart says she was a devoted mother who was always willing to help people.


The 26-year-old was visiting the NSW central coast with her husband and her two young sons during their school holidays.

But what was meant to be a fun holiday turned to tragedy when her hijab became entangled with the go-kart she was driving at Port Stephens Go-Karts yesterday afternoon.

She died in John Hunter Hospital after suffering severe neck and throat injuries.
(The Sydney Morning Herald. April 9, 2010.)






重箱の隅をつつく ― split hairs

"to split hairs"を英和辞典で調べると、”重箱の隅をつつく”という訳語が目に留まります。


I didn't realize until recently that Westchester County employees don't contribute to their health insurance costs. This is ridiculous! I have been in corporate America for 25 years and always contributed to my health-insurance benefits. In these current economically stressful times, it is a perk to even be offered health insurance as part of your employment package. County employees should be thankful they have health benefits, and it sounds like the health-care plans offered are top-notch. This is not always the case in the corporate world.

I don't understand why county legislators are spending so much time on this topic. Were we supposed to be impressed that they actually met on a Saturday? All of this time wasted is costing the taxpayers each day. I think the proposal for a 15 percent employee contribution is the right one. Please, just do it. Stop trying to split hairs and percentages among people with seniority and years of service. This is not fair and will only cause additional problems among employees and bureaucratic confusion.
(The Journal News. March 14, 2010.)

"to split hairs"は動詞句として用いられますが、"hair-splitting"という形で形容詞としても用いられます。


ウマの年齢の推定方法!? ― gift horse

look a gift horse in the mouth

という成句があります。"gift horse"とは贈り物として贈られたウマのことですが、そのウマの”口の中”を見る、とは、”ウマの歯をチェックする”ということなのだそうです。





don't look a gift horse in the mouth


手持ちのCollins Cobuild Dictionary of Idiomsによりますと、

If someone tells you not to look a gift horse in the mouth, they mean that you should accept something that is being offered to you, or take advantage of an opportunity, and not try to find faults or difficulties.



"There's no hunger here," said another old lady. "I lived through the second world war, the destruction, the suffering. The Russian people are patient. We'll live through this." No one looks a gift horse in the mouth. Officials in Moscow last week heartily welcomed Bush's initiative, and even opposition skeptics were reluctant to say flatly that food aid wasn't the kind of help they needed most.
(C. Bogert. How much hunger? News Week. December 2, 1991.)


抑制する ― stem




American Heritage Dictionaryでは、"stem"と"stammer"のつながりはあまり明確ではなかったのですが、研究社の大英和辞典では、プログレッシブ同様、"stammer"との関連が語源欄に記述されていました。さらには、"stumble"(よろめく、つまづく)との関連も記載されています。


TOKYO - If you live in Southeast Asia and need cheap clothing, come to Tokyo and check out these prices: 700 yen (US$7.45) for jeans, 1,000 yen for women's boots, and 7,800 yen for men's suits - about a third of what they cost a decade ago, when Japanese used to go to Bangkok and Hong Kong to shop.

For 12 straight months, prices in Japan have been falling, the country's Statistics Bureau said last week, and land prices are roughly half what they were 20 years ago. Prices fell by 1.2% in February from a year earlier. The finance minister and Bank of Japan board members are promising to stem the price slide, and many financial analysts are warning that further "de-flay" could delay any economic recovery.
(Japan caught in deflation conundrum. Asia Times Online. April 6, 2010.)



"Central banks throughout the world are tightening credit. Short-term interest rates are climbing," creating an unfavorable environment for stocks, Clough said. Most recently, the Bank of Japan raised its discount rate by one percentage point to 5.25% in an attempt to stem inflation and support the yen vs. other currencies. "We're starting to see money get more expensive worldwide," Clough says.
(USA Today. 1990.)


計略 ― ruse


Hemet police are warning residents of a ruse involving a boy looking for a lost cat.

Police say a burglar uses a 9-year-old boy to knock on the front door of homes to tell residents his cat ran in their backyard, Cpl. Jeff Dill said in a report.

Police say that when the residents go in the back, a burglar walks through the front door to steal valuables.

Witnesses have reported the man as being 5-foot-5, with a thin build, in his mid 20s. He was last seen wearing a brown fishing hat and driving a full sized, late model black pickup.
(The Press Enterprise. March 26, 2010.)



American Heritage Dictionaryでは、"artifice"のSynonymと説明されています。"Artifice"が、いわゆる”望む結果を得るために工夫された行為”("something especially contrived to lead to a desired result or create a desired effect")を意味する基本的な表現として取り上げられ、"trick"には、”不名誉な動機に基づく”("less than honorable motivation")点が特徴であると説明があります。





公明正大 ― above board


"board"とはゲームをする台のことで、台の上で(above board)、相手のプレイヤーに隠すことなくプレイすることから、公明正大、という意味に発展したようです。反対にカードを台の下で、相手に見えないところで操るのはイカサマの始まりです。

Choosing the site of where to build the new $70 million Lorain High School will be one of the most important decisions ever made by a Lorain school board.

The school board needs to be above board, transparent, fair and honest with the people of Lorain as they negotiate with the Lorain Port Authority to acquire land in Site 3 along the Black River.
(The Morning Journal. April 2, 2010.)


チャップ花― frill





frill n. 1. A ruffled, gathered, or pleated border or projection, such as a fabric edge used to trim clothing or a curled paper strip for decorating the end of the bone of a piece of meat.
(American Heritage Dictionary. Third Edition.)