blanket accusation




The primary target of a crippling computer virus that spread from Ukraine across the world this week is highly likely to have been that country's computer infrastructure, a top Ukrainian police official told Reuters on Thursday.

Cyber security firms are trying to piece together who was behind the computer worm, dubbed NotPetya by some experts, which has paralyzed thousands of machines worldwide, shutting down ports, factories and offices as it spread through internal organizational networks to an estimated 60 countries.

Ukrainian politicians were quick on Tuesday to blame Russia, but a Kremlin spokesman dismissed "unfounded blanket accusations." Kiev has accused Moscow of two previous cyber strikes on the Ukrainian power grid and other attacks since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.
(Police Suggest Petya Ransomware Attack Was a Distraction. Fortune. June 30, 2017.)



unfounded blanket accusations

この"blanket accusations"という表現が目に留まりました。


"blanket offer"といった表現における"blanket"は、「包括的な」という意味合いでした。つまり、「なんでもかんでもひっくるめて」という意味合いです。


ところで、"blanket accusation(s)"という表現に似た表現として、"blanket statement"という表現はよく使われるらしいということが分かりました。

"blanket statement"というのは、例えば、

American people are over-weight.(アメリカ人はみんなデブ!)



pull the rug



Susan Lees works at least 40 to 50 hours a week as a nanny for two young kids. Recently, she started walking dogs while the kids are in school to “make ends meet.” But despite working around 50 to 60 hours a week, she relies on Medicaid to pay for her medical bills.

“It’s not like I can just go out and afford big-time insurance,” Lees said. “I get state health but I also pay into it. And if they cut it – I’m 50 years old now and I try to keep myself basically healthy – but the little things I do need would come to a stop.”

Lees, who is single and lives in Danbury, Conn., is worried about the Senate's proposed health care bill, which calls for steep cuts to Medicaid.


The most recent draft of the bill would cut Medicaid funding by $772 billion over the next decade and cause enrollment to decline by 16 percent by 2026, according to the recently released Congressional Budget Office report. Overall, the CBO says, 22 million fewer Americans would be without health care by 2026.

“We have never seen a safety net rolled back like this in American history,” said Bruce Siegel, president of America’s Essential Hospitals, an association of about 300 hospitals dedicated to providing health care to poorer Americans. “It will pull the rug out from under working people and their hospitals. It could undermine the whole insurance market for everyone.”
(Jack Brewster. How the Senate Health Care Bill Could Hurt Medicaid Recipients. Time. June 28, 2017.)



will pull the rug out from under working people and their hospitals

ということで、"pull the rug"という表現が使われています。

"pull the rug from under you"という成句で知られる表現ですが、Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idiomsでは以下のように定義されています。

If someone pulls the rug from under you or pulls the rug from under your feet, they suddenlty stop helping and supporting you.





NEW YORK (AP) — Millennials may be shunning some habits beloved by past generations, but one restaurant company CEO says they still want to go to sit-down chains like Olive Garden.

"Believe it or not, millennials still want to come to restaurants," Gene Lee, chief executive of Olive Garden's parent company Darden Restaurants, said Tuesday, based on what he said was the company's research.
(Millennials Like to Eat Out. US News & World Report. June 27, 2017.)


sit-down chains like Olive Garden


Olive Gardenというのは、恐らくアメリカでは知る人の多いレストランのチェーン店なのでしょう。(行ったことはありませんが、デニーズみたいなものかも知れません。)








Adult magazine Penthouse has received three claims for its $1 million offer to anyone who could provide real tapes of President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged and unproven sexual escapades at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, the publication’s editor exclusively revealed to International Business Times Thursday.

Penthouse editor Raphie Aronowitz said the magazine isn’t conducting a “witch hunt,” but wants to prove whether the allegations against Trump are true. Aronowitz said the lucrative offer falls in line with the magazine’s well-established brand, though to his knowledge Penthouse has never made such an exorbitant offer before.

“If the story is real, which we don’t know if it is or not, it really kind of hits at the intersection between politics, scandal and sex, which as a brand both historically and currently is our sweet spot,” Aronowitz said in a phone interview.
(Penthouse may have proof of Trump’s ‘golden shower’ tryst at Moscow hotel. International Business Times. January 13, 2017.)


sexual escapades





eke out


Shares in Tokyo edged up for a second day, as electronics makers supported the Topix index while bank shares dragged the most on the gauge.

Air-bag and parts makers advanced after Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. New home sales in the U.S. totaled 610,000 in May compared with the median economist estimate for 590,000, data released Friday showed. Trading remained thin in Tokyo, with volume on the Topix index 22 percent below the 30-day average.
(Japan Stocks Eke Out Gain as Electronics Boost Gauge; Banks Drop. Bloomberg. June 26, 2017.)



Japan Stocks Eke Out Gain as Electronics Boost Gauge; Banks Drop

とありますが、"eke out"とは辞書を引くと「何とかやりくりして凌いでいる」という意味が載っています。


"eke"という単語にあまりなじみはありませんが、"nickname"という単語の語源はこの"eke"であり、元々は足す、増加する、という意味です。(つまり、ニックネームとは「追加」された名称、という意味ですが、"an ekename"が"a nekename"と異分析された結果生まれた単語です。こちらもご覧下さい。)

"eke out"という動詞句は、足らない部分の不足を補う、ということですが、不足分を増加でならして・・・、という意味合いがあります。


SNSで増加する美容整形 ― dermal filler



Young people are turning to cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers as a result of social media pressure, according to a report.

A study by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics says government must protect people from an unregulated industry.

The report also condemns makeover apps and online plastic surgery games aimed at children as young as nine.

The authors fear such apps are contributing to growing anxieties around body image.

Much of the cosmetic procedures industry is unregulated so reliable data on its size is hard to come by.

In 2015 one market research company estimated the UK market could be worth as much as £3.6bn.
(Dominic Hughes. Social media pressure is linked to cosmetic procedure boom. BBC News. June 22, 2017.)

さて、増えているのはボトックス(botox)や"dermal filler"と呼ばれる整形だそうです。

"dermal filler"というのは、皮膚(dermal)に詰め物(filler)をして豊かに見せるもので、日本語ではぷっくり(整形)、とか、ふっくら(整形)、などと表現されています。



"geek"について、その2 ― geek



Men who delay starting a family are more likely to have "geekier" sons, a study suggests.

They were brighter, more focused and less bothered about fitting in - according to the "Geek Index" devised by King's College London.

The mother's age had no impact, and daughters seemed to be immune.

One scientist said a trend for delayed parenthood might mean we were heading towards a "society of geniuses" able to solve the world's problems.

The findings are rare good news in the science of delayed fatherhood.

Repeated studies have shown that older sperm is more prone to genetic errors and children are more likely to develop autism and schizophrenia.
(James Gallagher. Older fathers have 'geekier sons.' BBC News. June 20, 2017.)

記事のタイトル(Older fathers have 'geekier sons')から、「高齢の父親からはより"geek"な子供が産まれる」、と解釈できます。









Leopard does not change its spots.

"Leopards does not change its spots."というフレーズをご存知でしょうか?


Under certain conditions, it seems possible that pigs could fly and leopards change their spots, after all, 'cause the ride-hail industry's leader has suddenly reversed its long-held opposition to tipping.

Uber announced today that it will be rolling out a tipping feature for the service, which has been a cash-free operation since its launch in 2009. As The Verge reported, the in-app tipping option will be available as of today in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston, and will be extended to the rest of Uber's American service areas by the end of July.

For years, Uber has maintained a tip-free format for its passenger app, though its early claims that tips were already included in fares didn't last long. Now, a couple years after rival service Lyft built a tipping option into their app, Uber has hopped on the gratuity train as part of its efforts to mend ties with drivers, riders, officials, and anyone else who's paying attention.
(Janet Burns. Eight Years And Umpteen Scandals Later, You Can Finally Tip Your Uber Driver. Forbes. June 20, 2017.)

pigs might flyは以前取り上げましたね。

"Leopards does not change its spots."は直訳すれば、ヒョウの斑模様は変わらない、ということで、変わることのないことの喩えとして使われる表現です。

pigs might flyは、あり得そうもないことを逆説的に表現したものでした。


"Leopards does not change its spots."というフレーズは聖書に由来します。


Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.






A new study published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine from Stanford University's Psychology Department found that rich, descriptive and delicious labels for vegetables makes them a lot more appealing.

The study found that "indulgent" descriptors for vegetables like beets, corn, green beans, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes won over diners at a university cafeteria. We get it: "rich buttery roasted sweet corn" sounds too good to pass over. Especially when compared to just plain-old "corn."


Vegetables labeled "indulgently" saw a 23 percent selection increase compared to "basic" labels. Compared to "healthy restrictive" labels (like "reduced-sodium corn"), indulgent descriptors increased the choice of veggies by 33 percent.
(Sasha Lekach. If we talked about veggies like we talk about steak, we'd be the healthiest eaters. Mashable. June 20, 2017.)


例えば、単に"sweet corn"(スイートコーン)と表示した場合よりも、"rich buttery roasted sweet corn"(濃厚バターで炒めたスイートコーン)と表示した方がより売れる、ということです。






ロンドンのタワーマンションで大火事 ― inferno



Insulating panels added to the Grenfell Tower during an energy-efficiency renovation are banned in the U.S., U.K. and Germany on large buildings, a top-ranking British official said Sunday, questioning whether the panels played a major role in a fatal high-rise fire.

Speaking on BBC television, Chancellor Phillip Hammond said multiple formal inquiries are underway following the June 14 fire at the 24-story residential building, which killed at least 58 people. Video taken by witnesses during the fire shows flames racing up the outside of the building, where the insulating panels, known as cladding, were. Investigators say the burning panels may have acted like a chimney, making the fire more intense.


The shocking sight of the inferno and the deaths it caused have infuriated the British and place new pressure on the government of Prime Minister Theresa May. Authorities launched a review following a similar 2009 fire in a South London high rise, but it’s unclear what, if any, steps authorities took to improve safety. May’s chief of staff was formerly the country’s housing minister.
(Trevor Hughes. London's Grenfell Tower was covered in insulation banned in other countries, official says. USA Today. June 18, 2017.)





"inferno"というのは元々「地獄」を意味するのですが、キリスト教における地獄の概念として、火が燃え盛るイメージがあることから、この"inferno"は大火事(an intense fire)の意味で用いられるようになったようです。



フライドポテトはやっぱり体に良くない? ― French fries






French fries are in the news. Err, sorry, "fried potatoes." And apparently, they're deadly—really deadly.

Or at least that's what the headlines are blaring across the Internet today. Here's a sampling of how the media is covering the story, which is currently sitting near the top spot on Google News' health section: "Put the french fries down: Eating fried potatoes doubles risk of death, study says"; "Eating fried potatoes doubles your risk of early death, study says."

This raises the question: just how scared should you be of these nefarious fried potatoes? And is that really what the study is saying?
(Sy Mukherjee. Does Eating French Fries Really Double Your Early Death Risk? Fortune. June 15, 2017.)

具体的な研究結果については記事をお読みいただくとして、今日取り上げるのは"French fries"です。

そもそもフライドポテト(fried potatoes)というのが正しいのか、それともフレンチフライ(French fries)なのか?



語源を検索してみると、たっぷりの油で素揚げする料理方法はフランス式のやり方と見做されていたことがあったそうで、元々は"French fried potatoes"だったそうです。




Police have identified a person of interest accused of hurling an avocado at a deli worker - and breaking his jaw with the flying fruit, officials said.


The goons launched their attack after getting into an argument with the worker over their food order around 4:45 p.m. May 29, cops said.
(Police searching for person of interest in bodega avocado attack. New York Post. June 14, 2017.)






"goon"の語源を辿ると、"gooney bird"(もしくは、goony bird)から来ているようですが、これはAlbatross、日本語ではアホウドリのことを指す呼称だそうです。

"gooney bird"の"gooney"が一人歩きするようになり、その後"goon"につづまった、ということでしょうか。






Billionaire businessman David Bonderman, a member of Uber's board, resigned Tuesday after making what he called an "inappropriate" comment about women at a company-wide meeting that was aimed at addressing the harassment of women and other unprofessional conduct within the company.

The comment came as an interruption of fellow board member Arianna Huffington, who was explaining the benefits of having more female representation on Uber's board.


The incident came as Uber sought to move past a leadership crisis that has led to the departure this week of chief executive Travis Kalanick for a leave of absence and the exit of his close ally and confidant Emil Michael, a senior vice president at Uber.

"The ultimate responsibility, for where we've gotten and how we've gotten here rests on my shoulders," Kalanick wrote in an email to employees. "There is of course much to be proud of but there is much to improve. For Uber 2.0 to succeed there is nothing more important than dedicating my time to building out the leadership team.
(Uber board member resigns after making joke about women at company event on sexual harassment. Chicago Tribune. June 13, 2017.)




Uber 2.0



このような、"2.0"という表現の用法については、大分前にインターネットにおけるウェブが誕生から一区切りをつけて、さらに新しい利用方法がされるようになった新時代を指して、"Web 2.0"と称したことから来ているようです。

used postpositively to describe a new and improved version or example of something or someone
(Merriam-Webster Dictionaryオンライン版)






Despite the constant negative press covfefe




The true definition of “covfefe,” — born from a deleted, after-midnight tweet from President Trump — remains unsettled, even to the commander in chief, who appeared to mistype it into existence on Twitter last month. But a congressman from Illinois wants to bring new meaning to the word.

The COVFEFE Act, introduced by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) on Monday, aims to preserve tweets from the president's personal Twitter account, ensuring that Trump's social-media posts are archived as presidential records.

“In order to maintain public trust in government, elected officials must answer for what they do and say; this includes 140-character tweets,” Quigley said in a statement.


Spelled out in the act's name, COVFEFE stands for: Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement.
(Hamza Shaban. The COVFEFE Act would preserve Trump’s tweets as presidential records. The Washington Post. June 12, 2017.)

The COVFEFE Act(コヴフェフェ法案!?)とされるこの法案ですが、"COVFEFE"は

Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement

の頭文字を取ったもので、日本語訳を試みるとすれば、「大統領職務遂行に係る様々な電子的フィード上でのコミュニケーション」に関する法案、とでもなりましょうか。(「電子的フィード」とはつまりSNSのことですが、"electronic feeds”ではなく、"Various Feeds Electronically"となっているのは、COVFEFEに合わせるための苦肉の策のように思えます。)





Women who have regular sex live longer, a study suggests.

Scientists have uncovered the first biological evidence that frequent bedroom activity boosts lifespan by protecting our DNA.

But the quality of a woman’s relationship has little impact on aging.

Researchers quizzed 129 women aged between 20 and 50 about their love lives.

They then carried out blood tests to determine their long-term health prospects.

The study focused on telomeres – protective caps on the ends of DNA – that predict a person’s biological age.

Thought of as tiny internal clocks, they shorten with time and eventually become so small that cells die.

Experts found women who had regular sex had significantly longer telomeres – boosting their overall life expectancy.
(Nick McDermott. Have lots of sex, live a whole lot longer. New York Post. June 6, 2017.)

性生活が充実している女性は長生きする、という研究報告があるそうです。タブロイド紙のNew York Postならではの取り上げ方(特に記事タイトル)だと思いますが、私生活の充実が長寿と関連するというのはまあ分からないでもありません。






退位特例法が成立 ― abdicate



TOKYO — Japan’s Parliament opened the door to modernizing the Chrysanthemum Throne on Friday, unanimously passing a special law allowing the ailing Emperor Akihito to retire, and proposing that the government consider letting the royal bloodline pass through the women of the imperial family.

At a time when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is promoting a political message of women’s empowerment, the rules of succession governing the world’s oldest monarchy do not permit women to be put in line for the throne.
(Motoko Rich. Japan’s Parliament Passes Law Allowing Emperor to Abdicate. The New York Times. June 8, 2017.)







in the pink


Singapore's private healthcare industry faces challenges here but expansion overseas holds the promise of a healthier future, said Maybank Kim Eng.

It noted this week that increased regulation, a decline in medical tourism and cheaper alternatives in public healthcare are causing the big players pain. But heading overseas can pay off, Maybank Kim Eng said, especially in emerging markets in the region.

It helps that Singapore healthcare players have established a reputable brand name in other countries and among medical tourists, which is easing the transition to overseas markets.
(Private healthcare sector in the pink. The Straits Times. June 8, 2017.)


in the pink


If you say that someone is in th epink or in the pink of condition, you mean that they are very fit and healthy.
(Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms.)






On Monday evening, passengers were stranded without power between the West 4th Street and Broadway-Lafayette Street stations, a 45-minute ordeal in which the cars became overheated, causing some riders to panic and one woman to strip nearly naked as they waited in the dark to be rescued, passengers said.

“It felt like a greenhouse. It felt like we were going to suffocate,” said Michael Sciaraffo, 36, an analyst for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. He was on his way home to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, when the train slowed to a halt and suddenly went silent and black. “We were trying to keep cool. We were coming close to the point where people were ready to start flipping out,” he said. “We were teetering toward that.”

Adding to the anxiety, passengers said, was a long pause with no announcement from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority about the cause. Mr. Sciaraffo said the first announcement said their train was held up by traffic delays.
Continue reading the main story

“Then we got word that the train broke down,” he said. “How could you lie to us and keep us like this, uninformed?” he asked, referring to the transportation department. “That’s when it really turned up, people started getting anxiety, claustrophobia.”
(Sarah Maslin Nir. A Hot Mess for F-Train Subway Riders Trapped in Cars. New York Times. June 6, 2017.)









At the risk of sounding obvious, it’s a bad idea to put a wasp’s nest in your, or indeed any, vagina.

The latest holistic herbal nonsense trend? Oak galls, for vaginal tightening.

What’s an oak gall, you ask? It’s basically a calcification that forms when gall wasps lay larvae in oak trees. They are then taken (or fall) from trees and mixed with different things, like sandalwood or nutmeg, to make different medicinal pastes for reducing mouth ulcers, to clean wounds, and more.

And, apparently, up ladies' hoo-hoos.


A gynecologist, Dr. Jenn Gunter, noticed the oak galls were being sold on Etsy — yes, homemade craft site Etsy — and wrote a blog post urging women not to do this. “Don’t put dried up wasp’s nest in your vagina,” she said quite plainly in May.
(Constance Gibbs. Beez in the trap: women putting wasps nests in their vajayjay. New York Daily News. June 1, 2017.)






A woman's genitals
(Oxford Dictionaryオンライン版)


"Humorous alteration of vagina"という補足がついていますが、つまりは"vagina"という単語が直接的なので、言い換えた表現ということになるでしょうか。

記事の内容に戻りますと、gall wasp(タマバチという蜂の一種)がナラ科の樹木に営巣する際にできる結節をすり潰したものを女性が美容目的で性器に塗布することが流行しているというものです。ちなみに、美容目的というのは、要はアソコの締まりを良くする、というものだそうです・・・。



ロンドンでテロ発生 ― Run, Hide, Fight



(AP) -- College student Vashu Tyagi was leaving his dorm and heading to a nearby bar to celebrate the end of classes Saturday night in London when he saw people running frantically down the street. As three men with large knives moved through the area, stabbing anyone in their path, police yelled at Tyagi and others to get back inside — an order he credits with saving his life.

"Obviously they gave us good advice," he said. "I'm quite lucky to be here."

As reports of stabbings in a popular London nightspot started flowing in late Saturday, police sent out a tweet warning people in the area to run, hide, then call authorities. Officers on the scene also shouted at bystanders to disperse, a response that experts say likely saved lives.

Yet while the Run, Hide, Tell strategy — known in the U.S. as Run, Hide, Fight — has been credited with saving lives in certain circumstances, some say it's not perfect, especially when a victim's first instinct might be to freeze on the spot.


The Run, Hide, Tell strategy promoted by the United Kingdom's National Police Chiefs' Council says that in the event of an active attack, people should first run to a place of safety. If there is nowhere to go, hiding is the next best option, setting up barricades if possible. Then, when safe to do so, victims are urged to call police.
(Run, Hide, Tell? London Attack Response Likely Saved Lives. Bloomberg. June 5, 2017.)


Run, Hide, Tell strategy


Run, Hide, Fight



"Run, Hide, Fight"というのはアメリカで言われていることで、例えば銃撃犯に遭遇したときには、まずはその場から出来る限り遠くに逃げる(Run)、逃げられない場合は犯人に見つからないよう身を隠す(Hide)、そしてどうしようもない場合の最終手段としてのみ犯人と戦う(Fight)、という対応を示したものです

"Run, Hide, Tell"については、引用した記事の最後の部分に解説がありますが、最後の"Tell"は警察に連絡する、という意味です。まずは逃げるか、隠れるかして身の安全を確保することが第一であり、安全が確保された後に初めて警察に連絡する、ということです。

もはや世界のどこにいてもテロの恐怖に怯えなければならないような時代です。日本も例外ではないのかもしれませんが、"Run, Hide, Fight(もしくは、Tell)"が日常のフレーズにならないことを祈るばかりです。


くの字 ― jackknife



In dramatic CCTV footage released by police, the bus, with 15 children on board, can be seen pulling out onto the M5 in front of the truck at Hammondville near Liverpool.

Police said the truck driver was forced to brake heavily to avoid a collision, causing the truck to jack-knife.

No-one was injured in the incident just before 8:00am on Thursday morning.

Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone from Liverpool Local Area Command said it could have been catastrophic.

"His actions are certainly worth being praised, he's certainly prevented what could have been [a] very catastrophic incident on the M5," he said.
(Sarah Hawke. Truck driver avoids 'catastrophic' crash with bus carrying school children on Sydney's M5. ABC News. June 2, 2017.)




(causing) the truck to jack-knife





飛ぶように売れる ー fly off the shelves


”fly off the shelves"



When Gillie Houston first tried the trendy, low-cal ice cream Halo Top, the experience was “life-changing.”

An entire pint has as little as 240 calories — compared to about 1,000 in your average container of Ben & Jerry’s — and, some say, tastes as good as a non-diet dessert.


Thanks largely to buzz on social media, along with a rebranding and new recipe, Halo Top, which first launched 2012, has taken off in the past year. In 2016, more than 17 million pints, which go for $5.99 a piece, flew off the shelves of grocery stores around the country, and sales grew by 2,500 percent, according to the Los Angeles-based company.
(Lauren Steussy. Why low-cal ice cream like Halo Top could be making you fat. New York Post. May 30, 2017.)