ボクシングの世界から(2) ― one-two

今週のテーマはボクシングで使われる用語です。 2日目の今日取り上げるのは、"one-two"、です。



The magnitude 9 earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on March 11 were like a one-two punch – first violently shaking, then swamping the islands – causing tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in damage. Now Stanford researchers have discovered the catastrophe was caused by a sequence of unusual geologic events never before seen so clearly.
(Unusual earthquake gave Japan tsunami extra punch. Science Blog. May 24, 2011.)

3月11日の東日本大震災に触れていますが、最初の大きな揺れとそれに続く津波がまさしく"one-two punch"のように日本を襲いました。


BU researchers deliver one-two punch against wily bacteria James Collins was a junior at the College of the Holy Cross, running 80 to 90 miles a week as he worked to shave seconds off his 4:17 mile when he was sidelined with strep throat. He went to the infirmary, took a two-week course of antibiotics, and felt better. Then, it happened again --13 times over the next two years, ending his college track career. It seemed like a frustrating string of separate infections at the time. But about nine years ago, the Boston University bioengineer began studying the warfare between bacteria and antibiotics and reconsidered his youthful misfortune. Collins, 45, now thinks his body was a battlefield for a chronic infection caused by "persisters" -- bacteria that slip into a zombie-like state, evading medications until somehow they reawaken to cause the same infection again. In a study published today, Collins and colleagues report that they found a way to overcome the defenses of these bacteria that essentially play dead, by perking them up with a deceptively simple antibiotic sidekick: sugar.
(Carolyn Y. Johnson. BU researchers deliver one-two punch against wily bacteria. The Boston Globe. May 11, 2011.)



"one-two"にはもう1つ、2つのもの、あるいは2人の組み合わせがもたらす効果やそれが強力なことを意味するコンテクストで使われる場合もあります。(上記の抗生物質に関する記事でも、これと同じような解釈、つまり抗生物質そのものと、バクテリアを活性化させる"sugar"という2つのコンビネーションについて、"one-two punch"と捉えていると解釈することもできます。)

The Qatar Team’s Jay Price and Alex Carella sealed a second successive one-two victory yesterday afternoon’s 13th Grand Prix of Portugal, near Portimao. Following a collision between Pole Position winner Marit Stromoy and American Shaun Torrente, Carella and Price inherited the lead and Price managed to squeeze past his Qatar team-mate when race action resumed. The pair have extended their lead in the UIM F1 H20 World Championship after two rounds and the Qatar Team has a comfortable advantage in the UIM F1 Teams’ Championship.
(Price and Carella seal sensational one-two finish. Gulf Times. May 23, 2011.)

ここまで書いていたのですが、ちょっと休憩に新聞を読んでいて、全く偶然に、“中東情勢不安で燃料費高騰、夏の節電とダブルパンチ”(2011年5月31日 産経新聞朝刊)という見出しに出くわしました。

"one-two punch"と“ダブルパンチ”、意味の違いは?関係は?

ウェブの検索では“ダブルパンチ”は和製英語で、英語では"one-two punch"という、と説明するサイトもあり、なるほどそうかなとも思ったのですが、“ダブルパンチ”(double punch)も立派な英語表現のようです。(Corpusで多くの用例が確認できます。いずれ取り上げたいと思います。)


ボクシングの世界から(1) ― kayo


John Revish - Louisiana welterweight has hit a rough patch after an impressive ESPN debut, in his second pro fight, where Revish twice climbed off the canvas to kayo fellow unbeaten Leonel Lizarraga. I do not have information on his amateur pedigree and know little personal background outside of his studying psychology at LSU.
(Martin Mulcahey. MaxBoxing. May 20, 2011.)


つまり、"knock out"です。 “カ-ヨ”ではなくて、"kay-o"ということですね。


Then, there are witnesses who say that Conley not only started his last fight, but spent much of the day guzzling Jack Daniel's and gobbling speed, all the while brawling with a passel of folk, and receiving so many punches from so many assorted fists that police remain openly skeptical about whether they will ever be able to blame his injuries on any one blow, or any one fight. They're not sure what kayoed poor Conley -- a log over the head, a punch, a pratfall, a pill or a wicked combination of any of the above. 
(Washington Post. 1991.)



勤め人が出来る節電は定時退社!? ― clock out


都心にオフィスを構える企業も節電対策やクールビズなどの対策を打ち出し始め、サマータイムの導入までが議論されていますが、石原都政の東京都は、電力消費25%カットの秘策、"7-8-9 plan"というものを実施予定だということです。”都庁版サマータイム制度”などと呼ばれているそうですが、さて、その中身とは?

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is tackling the summer’s electricity shortage with an aggressive approach that shifts the working hours of government employees up to one hour earlier. The proposal is a part of the four-term governor’s ambitious plan to slash the energy consumption in one of the world’s largest cities by 25%.

At least 9,500 city employees will be subject to the new system, called the “7-8-9 plan,” which divides working hours into three different shifts starting at 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.
(Yoree Koh. Tokyo Time Warp: Going Early to Go Green. The Wall Street Journal. May 24, 2011.)



The new schedule calls for workers to come in at most an hour earlier from regular times that start at 8:30 a.m., 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., according to Hideo Ishi, a city government official spearheading the effort. The work day will end earlier in accordance with the new start times with the earliest shift clocking out at 4:15 p.m.

さて、今日の表現です。上の引用で斜体で示した"clock out"というフレーズの、"clock"は時計という名詞ではなく、動詞です。

時間を測定するなどの意味で、"clock"が動詞として用いられることはよくあると思いますが、この"clock out"という表現はちょっと変わっています。



"clock out"とはつまり、タイムレコーダーで(退勤時間を)打刻(clock)して、職場を後にする(out)と解釈できるでしょう。このことが、いわゆる仕事を終えて職場を後にする、という行為一般に敷衍された表現だと言えます。

ちなみに、"clock in"というフレーズもあるようで、こちらは出勤時に(出勤時刻を)打刻(clock)して、職場に入る(in)ということで、分かりやすいですね。


私も本日は18時過ぎに、今日はこれでお終い、と"clock out"して来ました!(タイムレコーダーがあるわけではありませんが・・・。)


エイズ問題: MSMとは? ― MSM


As the AIDS epidemic reaches its fourth decade, the Federal Government is reported to have launched its first specific course to reach African-American men who have sexual intercourse with men by enlightening them on the need to know their HIV status.

The campaign, tagged as "Know Where You Stand”, is directed at increasing the amount of black MSM aged 18 to 44, who take HIV test, as there are currently banner ads carrying the message, running on some websites that has gotten the attention of more black audience online.
(Elina Needham. Federal Government Launches HIV Campaign for African-American Men. Topnews.us. May 26, 2011.)



Men who have Sex with Men




The current study is based on a sample of Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) in New York City.

The study was designed to compare the sexual behavior and correlates of HIV-risk behavior among four ethnic groups. In the early 1990s, one author of this paper (Carballo-Diguez) conducted several in-depth interviews with Puerto Rican MSM in preparation for a study within that population regarding determinants of HIV-related sexual risk behavior.
(Childhood Sexual Experiences and the Perception of Abuse Among Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men. Journal of Sex Research. 2002.)


die hard

昔(などというと年寄りかと思われそうですが)、”ダイ・ハード”という映画がありました。英語では、"die hard"ですが、日本語で言えば、




Your grandmother may roll over in her grave, but pork can be pink now when cooked. The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday announced it had changed a decades-old guideline and now says that pork, and all whole meat cuts, only have to get to 145 degrees internally, not the 160 the agency had previously suggested.

"We found it was perfectly acceptable and that 160 was probably overkill," says Elisabeth Hagen, USDA's undersecretary for food safety.

Pork cooked under the new guidelines is going to be "more tender and a little more juicy," says Brad Barnes, director of culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Still, he doesn't think the USDA guidelines will cause all Americans to embrace the new, pinker pork. "My wife's family, they're all Bronx Italians. They won't really care what USDA says. It's going to need to be done — and done would be no traces of pink."

Trichinosis, a parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked meat infected with roundworm larvae, was once common but is no longer a problem in commercially grown pork and hasn't been for years, says Ceci Snyder, with the National Pork Board in Des Moines. "Those myths die hard," she says.
(Elizabeth Weise. USDA: 145 degrees safe for cooked pork. USA Today. May 25, 2011.)

USDA(US Department of Agriculture)は、米国農務省のことですが、豚肉の調理温度に関するガイドラインで長年華氏160度(摂氏71.1度)を推奨していたようですが、引き下げて華氏145度としたようです。



信ぴょう性はともかく、神話は簡単には死なず(Those myths die hard)、ということでしょうか、長年、華氏160度が守られてきたようです。



アイルランドとアポストロフィ ― apostrophe



Obama in Ireland: president searches for 'missing apostrophe'

Almost any other visitor who mauled the Irish language so severely might expect a reception as cold as the waters of the Liffey.
(Alex Spillius. Obama in Ireland: president searches for 'missing apostrophe'. The Telegraph. May 24, 2011.)

"missing apostrophe"って何のこと?と気になりました。


But Barack Obama, a man who claimed to be in search of his missing apostrophe, was no ordinary tourist.

He may not have found that errant punctuation mark, but he left last night with something else: the hearts of a nation.

The President yesterday addressed a crowd of 25,000 in College Green in Dublin, fresh from visiting Moneygall, the village in Co Offaly that was home to his great, great, great grandfather.

"My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas, and I've come home to find the apostrophe we lost somewhere along the way," he told the rapturous Dublin crowd.

"missing apostrophe"を求めてアイルランド訪問しました、ということらしいですが、"missing apostrophe"って一体何?と思いながら記事を読み進めるのですが、多少アイルランド語や文化に親しみが無いと分かりづらいかも知れません。


大統領の名前は、"Obama"ですが、これは冗談のつもりでしょうか、自分の名前のスペルは"O'bama"のようにアポストロフィ(')が入らないということを言っているようです。自身のルーツがアイルランドにもあることにも因んで、今回の訪問を"in search of missing apostrophe"と表現するあたり、教養人と呼ぶべきでしょうか!?


Barack O’Bama, of the Moneygall O’Bamas, said the US president. I am here to find the apostrophe that we lost along the way.

You see, Barack, there’s the problem right there. You’ve been badly advised. That apostrophe isn’t Irish. That apostrophe is something imposed on Irish names by English speakers who couldn’t get their heads or their tongues around “Ó”. When Irish names became transliterated into English, they acquired the ludicrous apostrophe that eventually gave us Darby O’Gill and the Little People.

Though we may have embraced it wholeheartedly, that apostrophe came not from Gaelic culture but from Englishmen who had in mind Will o’ the Wisp and John o’ Groats when they told us what our names should be in English.
(Barack Obama Visits Ireland In Search of Apostrophe. Bock The Robber. May 23, 2011.)


アイスランド火山噴火 ― dissipate


Ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano is expected to reach Britain by tomorrow, airlines have been warned.

The ash could force the authorities to shut airports and close UK airspace, in a move which could disrupt many thousands of passengers almost exactly a year since a different Icelandic volcano closed airspace across Europe.

The latest warning is based on five-day weather forecasts but experts said the wind patterns were changeable and could yet sweep the cloud away from the UK.
(Andy Bloxham. Ash cloud from Icelandic volcano to hit Britain tomorrow. The Telegraph. May 23, 2011.)


In April last year, 34 countries shut their airspace after the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted due to fears that fine ash particles could cause jet engines to stop.

It was the largest such closure since the Second World War and millions of passengers were affected.


Experts and aviation authorities said the impact of the Grimsvoetn eruption should not be as severe and was likely to mainly affect Iceland.

Gunnar Gudmundsson, of Iceland's Meteorological Office, said: “I don’t expect this will have the same effect as Eyjafjoell volcano because the ash is not as fine.”

However, they acknowledged that changing weather patterns could sweep the ash into areas where it would affect other countries.

Einar Kjartansson, a geophysicist at Iceland’s Met Office, warned: “If the eruption lasts for a long time we could be seeing similar effects as seen with Eyjafjallajökull last year.”



The forecast is for winds to clear the ash from Reykjavik and dissipate the problem over the coming days.


同義語として、scatter、disperse、dispelといった単語があります(American Heritage Dictionary)が、このニュースのコンテクストでは、"disperse"がぴったりのようです。


“The only problem passengers are likely to have is if you’re going to Iceland.”









Qld strawberry saboteur strikes again

A saboteur has tried to poison a strawberry crop on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

It's the second sabotage attack on Gowinta Farms at Beerwah, which was also targeted in 2009. Police were alerted on Thursday.

Farm spokesman James Ashby said the latest attempt to poison a large strawberry crop was foiled as a result of security measures put in place after the 2009 incident.
(Qld strawberry saboteur strikes again. The Sydney Morning Herald. May 20, 2011.)




英国発: ポニーと電車に ― hoof



A train passenger in Wales has been caught on CCTV trying to get on a train with his pony before being hoofed off by guards.

The commuter can be seen arriving at Wrexham General station where he attempts to get a ticket for himself and his hairy companion for the 7.02 service to Holyhead.

The guard tells the man large animals are not allowed on the train.

But the wily commuter is not about to be foiled at the first hurdle and puts the pony into a lift to get down to the platform.
(Commuter Wants Ticket to Ride On Pony Express. Sky News. May 18, 2011.)





面白いのはここに言葉遊びが見られることです。つまり、仔馬(pony)と一緒に通勤電車に乗車しようとして追い払われた(hoofed off)、ということで、馬に関連した"hoof"をわざと使っているところに妙がある・・・、と思いませんか?


ダメダメ ― dud



A defence employee sacked for his role in a dud deal which cost the Commonwealth $3.9 million will get his job back.
(Sacked defence employee gets job back. The Sydney Morning Herald. May 18, 2011.)

斜体で示しましたように、"dud deal"という表現が今日の焦点なのですが、見慣れない表現ではないでしょうか?文脈から察するに、何か良くない”取り引き”に加担してしまった社員が、会社に損害を与えてしまって解雇された、というように読めます。


Fair Work Australia has dismissed a Defence appeal against an earlier decision which found the sacking of Gary Black to have been harsh, although not unjust or unreasonable.

In a decision announced on Wednesday, Fair Work Australia said it was unable to discern any error in the earlier decision which ordered Mr Black, an employee for 24 years, to be reinstated.

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Mr Black worked in the Joint Fuels and Lubricants Agency, a subdivision of the Defence Materiel Organisation, regularly acting in the director position.

One of his responsibilities was to sell off contaminated fuel and the deal which ended in his dismissal involved the sale of a large quantity of fuel to South Australian Farmers Fuels Pty Ltd (SAFF).

But SAFF never paid for the fuel and subsequently went into voluntary administration, costing the Commonwealth $3.9 million.






ところで、"dud deal"という表現が気になったので、ググって見ますと、"dud deal"というフレーズよりも、"deal or dud"というフレーズがヒットしました。例えば、以下のような記事です。

Deal or dud: How do you know if you're wasting money at dollar stores?

Everything for 99 cents or less. Sounds like a great bargain, but not every dollar store deal is a good one.

We shopped the 99 Cent Only store for popular products to see if you're saving or wasting your money.
(Quita Jackson. Deal or dud: How do you know if you're wasting money at dollar stores? ABC15.com. April 18, 2011.)


"deal or dud"というフレーズからは、”まともな買い物か、銭失いか”という解釈ができそうです。

"dud"の定義には、American Heritage Dictionaryによれば、

2. Informal. One that is disappointingly ineffective or unsuccessful.



逃亡の恐れ ― a flight risk



今日の単語は、"a flight risk"、これは日本語にすれば”逃亡の恐れ”と訳すのが適当でしょう。容疑者に”逃亡の恐れあり”、となれば保釈も認められません。

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, was ordered on Monday to be held without bail over allegations that he had sexually assaulted a housekeeper in a lavish suite at a Midtown hotel.

The decision to deny bail was a surprising and striking defeat for Mr. Strauss-Kahn, whom many saw as a leading contender to become France’s next president. He was taken to Rikers Island, where he will be held in protective custody in a single-person cell.

Prosecutors had asked the Criminal Court judge, Melissa C. Jackson, to remand Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62, to custody, contending that he was a flight risk. They also indicated that he may have been previously involved in a similar episode.
(John Eligon. Judge Denies Bail to I.M.F. Chief in Sexual Assault Case. The New York Times. May 16, 2011.)


"he was a flight risk"

となっており、主語に人称代名詞、そしてbe動詞が使われています。日本語にしたときのイメージからですが、"There is a flight risk..."というような表現を考えるのですが、”容疑者”="a flight risk"というのは奇妙な感じがします。

ところが、Corpusを調べてみますと、この”容疑者”+be動詞+"a flight risk"という使い方はごく一般的なようです。

U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James, citing the nearly two months Bickerstaff allegedly hid out in England while the FBI investigated his business dealings, refused to grant bail on grounds that he would be a flight risk.
(San Francisco Chronicle. 1997.)

しかしながら、多くの日本人にとって直感的には、"he was a flight risk"というのはちょっとピンと来ないと思います。ネイティヴでなければ用いないフレーズではないでしょうか。


NYC発、バーガー戦争 ― chutzpahladen

アメリカ・ニューヨークで”ハンバーガー戦争”とでも表現すべき商標権争いが話題のようです。まずはThe Wall Street Journalブログの見出しです。

Heart Attack Grill, Deli Feud Over Sandwiches a Cardiologist Would Hate

その商標というのがこれまた凄いのですが、Instant Heart Attack sandwich(食べた瞬間心臓発作!?)とか、Bypass Burgers(心臓バイパス手術が必要になる!?)といった過激なものです。心臓血管医が眉をひそめる訳です。

Two restaurants are now feuding over whose sandwiches get to be marketed for the harm they cause your heart.

In New York City, the all-kosher 2nd Avenue Deli’s Instant Heart Attack sandwich includes two potato pancakes with a choice of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or salami. Meantime, the Arizona-based Heart Attack Grill’s well-publicized Bypass Burgers are really, really big burgers accompanied by the usual fixings (the single, double, triple or quadruple options refer to the number of patties).
(Katherine Hobson. Heart Attack Grill, Deli Feud Over Sandwiches a Cardiologist Would Hate. The Wall Street Journal. May 11, 2011.)

さて、今日の単語はWSJではなく、New York Postという大衆紙からの引用です。下記引用をご覧ください。

It’s a clash over coronary-causing cuisine.

The 2nd Avenue Deli filed suit yesterday to beat back a chutzpahladen challenge to sales of its Instant Heart Attack Sandwich and a planned Triple Bypass Sandwich.

The famed kosher restaurant says it got an accusatory letter from lawyers for Arizona’s Heart Attack Grill, which specializes in fatty food with a “taste worth dying for.”
(Bruce Golding. 'Heart attack' sandwich creates war between 2nd Avenue Deli and Arizona restaurant. New York Post. May 11, 2011.)





The March 29 missive alleged infringement of the hamburger joint’s trademarks and “unequivocally threatened” legal action.

But court papers say there’s “no likelihood of confusion” between the Murray Hill eatery and its adversary from the Southwest, insisting that “the food sold, as well as the clientele served, could not be more different.”




5月13日(金) ― box-in

****** 5月13日のブロガーサービス不具合により、当日の投稿が出来ませんでした。 ******



という意味でも用いられます。American Heritage Dictionaryでは、

To limit the activity or influence of by or as if by creating a restrictive structure or outlining a territory

さらに、"box in"という動詞句では、



Border agents killed by train during chase in Arizona

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents chasing a group of suspected illegal immigrants were killed early Thursday after their SUV was struck by a freight train near Gila Bend, Ariz., about 80 miles north of the Mexico border.

Hector Clark, 39, and Edward Rojas, 34, were assisting other agents in the early-morning chase when they attempted to cross the tracks ahead of the 4,600-ton train, said Robert Lowry, an agency spokesman.

Both agents died at the scene.

The crew aboard the westbound Union Pacific freight train saw the vehicle driving on a frontage road north of the tracks when the unmarked SUV suddenly turned south onto a private crossing immediately in front of the fast-moving train, said Aaron Hunt, a Union Pacific Railroad spokesman.

Clark and Rojas attempted to cross the tracks to "box-in" the group of suspected illegal immigrants, Lowry said.

Typically, trains on that stretch of rail travel upwards of 40 mph and require at least half a mile to come to a complete stop. The train struck the vehicle on the driver's side and pushed it for at least a half-mile.
(Stephen Ceasar. Border agents killed by train during chase in Arizona. Los Angels Times. May 12, 2011.)


面白い語源 ― bikini


CANBERRA, Australia – An Indian minister on Thursday welcomed the scrapping of an Australian swimwear line that included women's bikinis decorated with the image of a Hindu goddess.

Designer Lisa Blue outraged many Hindus by parading models in a range of bikinis and one-piece swimwear carrying the image of Lakshmi — the goddess of beauty, wealth and good fortune — during Australian Fashion Week in Sydney last week.

Hindu-majority India conveyed its "deep concern" to the Australian ambassador in New Delhi this week, its Department of External Affairs said in a statement. Indian media reported angry mobs burning Australian flags in northern Punjab state in protest.
(India praises scrapping of Hindu goddess swimsuits. Fox News. May 12, 2011.)











双生児(twins) vs ?? ― singleton



WEDNESDAY, May 11 (HealthDay News) -- Naturally conceiving and giving birth to twins may be a sign of good health, new research suggests.

The study found that among women who were born in Utah in the 1800s, those who gave birth to twins tended to live longer than the mothers of singletons.

University of Utah researchers analyzed records on nearly 59,000 non-polygamous women in the Utah Population Database who were born between 1807 and 1899 and lived to at least age 50. Of those women, about 4,600 gave birth to twins.

Among women born before 1870, mothers who had twins had a 7.6 percent lower yearly risk of dying after age 50 than mothers who had one baby at a time. Among women born between 1870 and 1899, the risk was 3.3 percent lower for moms who had twins, although that was not statistically significant.
(Moms Who Have Twins May Live Longer: Study. US News & World Report. May 11, 2011.)






p - w - n、の3文字です。スペルミスではありません。



French security firm Vupen said today its team has figured out a way to bypass security measures in Chrome and offers a video demo it says is a successful attack against the browser running on a Windows machine.

"We are (un)happy to announce that we have officially Pwnd Google Chrome and its sandbox," the Vupen Security blog said.
(Elinor Mills. French researchers demo attack on Chrome. CNET News. May 9, 2011.)



to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership






振り替え乗車を英語で? ― 動詞”honor”の意外な用例






On Sunday in Hoboken, N.J., a commuter train from the city crashed and hurt 34 people. Separately, an empty Amtrak train derailed in a tunnel that handles traffic from Long Island.

Travelers are being told to allow extra time to get to work on Monday.
(David Porter. Train accidents likely to impair NYC commute. The Associated Press. May 9, 2011.)

GW明けの日本ならぬ、米国New York Cityでの話ですが、NYCに乗り入れているNJ Transitで現地時間の日曜日に事故がありけが人も出ている模様です。月曜朝のラッシュ時の通勤への影響が懸念されているようですが、この記事が以下のように続きます。

Workers repaired damage caused when a commuter train crashed, but the derailment of an empty Amtrak train in a tunnel put Monday morning's commute in jeopardy in New York City, where travelers were urged to allow extra time even though additional buses and ferries would be provided and most agencies planned to honor each other's tickets.

ここで、"honor each other's tickets"という表現に注目します。

NJ TransitとAmtrakの事故が別々に発生したようですが、要はNYCのPenn Stationに乗り入れる電車が影響を受け、代替手段であるバスやフェリーが考えられるものの、通勤する乗客は影響を被ること間違いなしといったところのようです。


"honor each other's ticket"とは、NJ TransitやAmtrakの乗車券を持っている乗客に、バスやフェリーへの乗車も認める、という意味だと解釈できます。





American Heritage Dictionaryでの"honor"の定義(動詞)の中には、

To accept or pay as valid: honor a check; a store that honors all credit cards.



PASSENGER: They did not warn me about it. I was on a bus going to Dallas. The bus driver tells me that they are going on strike at midnight. At midnight this driver pulls over and says we are on strike another driver is coming. And we ended up with a flat tire.

MR-BEARDEN: Most stranded passengers had few alternatives. Most chose the bus because it was the least expensive way to travel and did not have the additional money to continue by other means. Amtrak was honoring bus tickets but most of the trains were already full.
(PBS Newshour. 1990.)


コードネーム”ジェロニモ”に非難続出 ― cry foul



問題となったコードネームについては邦紙でも詳しく報じられていますが、極秘で進められた暗殺作戦では、コードネーム”ジェロニモ”が使われていたといいいます。軍事作戦が展開される様子はホワイトハウスのシチュエーションルーム(the Situation Room)に逐一報告され、目的完遂時、つまりターゲットであるビンラディンを射殺した時点で、

"Geronimo EKIA."


"We got him."


触れましたように、”Geronimo”はビンラディン氏を指し、”EKIA”は”Enemy killed in action”の略称(つまり戦闘中に殺害した)であるとされています。


Indian leaders cry foul over bin Laden 'Geronimo' nickname

WASHINGTON — The great-grandson of Geronimo is joining a growing chorus of American Indians outraged that the U.S. military used the name of the legendary Apache leader in connection with the recent operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

"Obviously, to equate Geronimo with Osama bin Laden is an unpardonable slander of Native America and its most famous leader in history," Harlyn Geronimo said in a statement to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

The panel met Thursday in a session scheduled weeks ago to discuss how racial stereotypes — mainly in the form of team mascots' nicknames — were offensive to Indians. But the issue quickly pivoted to the code name the military had given to the sponsor of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"This victory has otherwise united our country," Indian Affairs Chairman Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, said of bin Laden's killing. "It is unfortunate that this code name was chosen."
(Ledyard King. Indian leaders cry foul over bin Laden 'Geronimo' nickname. USA Today. May 5, 2011.)

今日の表現、"cry foul"は”非難する”という意味で使われています。"foul"は野球で言うファウルと同じですが、名詞で”反則”、”違反”という意味でも用いられます。



ビンラディンの偽物写真出回る ― doctored photo




NEW YORK (AP) — Online thieves and spammers are using the killing of Osama bin Laden to send out malicious software and spam to unwitting Internet users.

In what's become common practice among the Internet's less savory citizens, these scammers are sending out e-mails and spreading Facebook posts that purport to be videos or photos of the dead bin Laden.

They are not. But by clicking the links, users can download computer viruses that steal personal information or otherwise infect their computers.
(Online scammers jump on bin Laden news. USA Today. May 5, 2011.)


The FBI warned Internet users of the scams Tuesday. On Wednesday, President Obama said he has decided not to release photos of the dead bin Laden because they could incite violence and create national security risks for the U.S.


That didn't stop Internet scammers from spreading fake, doctored photos to lure people into giving away their personal information or downloading the troublesome programs known as "malware."

さて、今日の単語、"doctored photo"というのはあまり聞き慣れないのではないでしょうか?



ビンラディンの”隠れ家” ― lair



The world's No 1 villain had a background in building. So why did he end his days in a lair with no flair?

If the death of Osama bin Laden tells us anything it's that life isn't like a Bond movie. Rather than running al-Qaida from some spectacular Ken Adam-designed lair under the ocean or inside a volcano, Bin Laden ended his days in an exceptionally ugly and ignoble townhouse – a bland, square, flat-roofed three-storey block with few windows or other features.
(Steve Rose. Why did Osama bin Laden build such a drab HQ? The Guardian. May 4, 2011.)



ビンラディンの写真は公開されるのか? ― the Situation Room



疑問の高まりを受けての対応かどうかはよく分かりませんが、ホワイトハウスはビンラディン氏の、恐らくは射殺後の写真(多くの報道で、"gruesome photos"と表現されています)を公開することを検討しているようです。



the Situation Room



President Obama and national security officials are considering releasing a photo of Osama bin Laden's corpse today, a source told ABC News.


Officials worry the bloody photos could inflame anti-American sentiment.


The gruesome photos show bin Laden shot in the chest and the head by elite Navy SEALS on Sunday. The head wound is above his left eye and is a particularly grisly picture which has tempered officials willingness to display it.

A tense photo from the Situation Room on Sunday reveals the president along with top officials including Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nervously watching two elite teams of Navy SEALS invading the compound of the al Qaeda mastermind. Biden nervously holds rosary beads, Clinton has her hand over her mouth and Obama's shoulders are raised.
(Martha Raddatz. Osama Bin Laden's Death Picture Readied for Release. ABC News. May 3, 2011.)


オバマ米大統領がビンラディン氏の死亡を表明 ― thick-tongued



New York Times紙のホームページだったと思いますがLive castが提供されており、日本時間午後0時30分過ぎの大統領声明をLiveで見ることができました。ある意味貴重な体験でした。

私は日本の首相官邸のような記者会見を想定していたので、上記のLive castはオバマ大統領による“ソロの”スピーチだけで質疑応答も無く、全く違った雰囲気に思いました。固定カメラと思われる撮影ポイントから遠く離れた回廊からオバマ大統領が歩いて現れ、原稿は見たところ無い状況で話し始め、終始一貫した口調で淡々と喋り、終わったら元来た回廊を歩いて去って行きました。


As Obama said Sunday night from the East Room of the White House, he had long ago promised to make a priority of bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. Now “justice has been done,” the President said as he announced that a team of American intelligence operatives killed bin Laden in a firefight in Pakistan. His late-night statement—sober, direct, even, at times, thick-tongued with nervousness—rightly avoided any note of triumphalism, any hint of the “U.S.A! U.S.A.!” “Yes We Can!” cheering coming from the crowd outside the White House gates in Lafayette Park. But there could be no mistaking his relief, the national relief, that the symbolic and ideological head of a hideous multinational terror organization, responsible for the deaths of many thousands, was gone at last.
(David Reminick. Obama and Osama. The New Yorker. May 2, 2011.)