もう、うんざり・・・ ― put off



Japanese powerbroker Ichiro Ozawa will meet Prime Minister Naoto Kan at 5 p.m (0800 GMT) on Tuesday, Jiji news agency reported, as the ruling party seeks to avert a clash in a leadership race that threatens a policy vacuum as Japan struggles with a strong yen.

Opinion polls have shown the vast majority of Japanese voters, who are put off by Ozawa's image as a scandal-tainted wheeler-dealer, want Kan to beat him in the Sept. 14 election for the leadership of the ruling Democratic Party (DPJ).

The winner of the DPJ vote will likely be premier by virtue of the party's majority in parliament's powerful lower house.
(Japan PM to meet powerbroker Ozawa at 0800 GMT-Jiji. Reuters. August 31, 2010.)


”延期する”という意味ではよく学校でも出てくる成句ですが、”うんざりさせる”という意味ではあまりお目にかかることがありません。American Heritage Dictionaryでは、

3. To repel or repulse, as from bad manners: His indifferent attitude has put us off.



重傷に至らず ― superficial


The shooting in Harlem started after a fight broke out at a crowded party that had spilled from a park into the streets on Sunday morning. When it was over, 50 bullets had been fired, one man was dead, and six others, including two police officers, were wounded.

Shariff Spencer, center, a witness to the shooting, said that his friend, Angel Alvarez, said to be the gunman, was not armed.

Forty-six of the bullets were fired by four police officers; about 20 or so apparently struck a man who the police said had fired at officers after fatally shooting a man. He was expected to survive. The two wounded officers were not seriously hurt; one of them, who was in a plainclothes unit, had been shot in the chest by another officer. The wound was superficial, but could have been far worse had the bullet not struck the officer’s bullet-resistant vest. Police officials said that shooting probably resulted from an errant bullet, not a case of mistaken identity.
(After 50 Shots in Harlem, One Dead and 6 Hurt. The New York Times. August 8, 2010.)





サーフィン用語(5) ― takeoff


An Australian surfer died after being mauled by a shark Tuesday, the first fatal attack by one of the marine predators in Australian waters in almost two years.

Fellow surfers dragged the man from the water of a Western Australian beach and administered first aid, but the 31-year-old victim never regained consciousness, witnesses told local media.

"We wrapped a jumper around his legs and used a leg rope as a torniquet," surfer Eddie Kilgallon told the Perth Now website after the attack close to the tourist town of Margaret River.

"I was holding what was left of his leg together. The bottom half of his thigh was exposed and ripped open. Half of his calf muscle was also torn to shreds."

Kilgallon said fellow surfers tried to resuscitate and kept talking to the gravely injured man, who had been surfing at South Point break close to Gracetown, some 270 kilometres (165 miles) south of Perth.


Gracetown resident Rob Alder, who performed mouth-to-mouth on the victim, said conditions were perfect for surfing and he was watching the waves to decide which break to surf when he saw the man disappear under the water.

"The board was floating by itself in the take-off zone, it looked as if it had been snapped," he told ABC radio.
(Madeleine Coorey. Australian surfer killed by shark. MySinchew.com. August 17, 2010.)


To catch a breaking wave and start a ride. When combined with "spot"; it indicates the place in the lineup where the surfer drops in to begin a ride.
(Riptionary Surf Ling Lexiconより引用)




サーフィン用語(4) ― hot-dog



Slang. To perform daring stunts or acrobatic feats, especially while skiing or surfing.

(American Heritage Dictionary of English Language.)

American Heritage Dictionaryの定義から引用しました。

Today, most people see surfing as the nautical equivalent of skateboarding: an opportunity to hot dog on the water, a sexy extreme sport.
(David Sheen. The Siege vs. the Surfboards. Haaretz.com. August 12, 2010.)



サーフィン用語(3) ― nosedive





A group of 11 older men worked various muscle groups three to four times a week for 16 weeks. Not only did they see jumps in strength, but also significant drops in the bad cholesterol, with healthy leaps in the good kind. Blood pressure also took a nosedive after training (Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, vol. 20, no. 2). "There's a real concern that during strength training, sharp jumps in blood pressure can occur," says B.F. Hurley, Ph.D., at the department of kinesiology at the University of Maryland. That's why medical experts have always shunned resistance training for hypertensive people.
(Greg Gutfeld. Muscle up your health! Prevention. 1990.)


サーフィン用語(2) ― grom

今週のテーマ: サーフィン用語



Derived from grommet, description of a young surfer. Usually issued in a positive way to describe a young local surfer who really rips.
(Surf Lingo Lexicon. www.raptionary.comより引用)


When I was a young grom trying to get through a few rounds in inter-club and schoolboy surf comps, there was no such thing as preparation for an event, not physically or mentally.

You surfed as much as you could and tried to not get too wasted the night before which, come to think of it, is more or less the way it is now in the old farts’ divisions.

By the time pro surfing became a reality in the early 1970s, I’d wisely handed in the jersey and picked up a pen instead, which gave me an excuse to be hanging around at most of the landmark events that led to a world pro tour being instigated in 1977.
(Phil Jarrat. The new wave of elite training. The Noosa Journal. August 10, 2010.)



サーフィン用語 ― kook







one whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane

Origin of KOOK
by shortening & alteration from cuckoo
First Known Use: 1960

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary. www.merriam-webster.comより引用)


At age 45, Peter Heller was unmarried and questioning his life's path. In the throes of a midlife crisis, he and a buddy decided to -- what else? -- learn to surf in California. Then there was a second problem: He became addicted to the waves' "throb and drum of contraction and collapse, the rush and hiss around it in constant surge and recession."

The book that resulted follows Heller on a six-month journey through Mexico behind the wheel of a VW camper in search of the best swells. He starts as a "kook," derisive slang for a beginner, and quickly finds that surfing includes "sand in your crotch, salt-stung eyes, banged temple, chipped tooth, screaming back, and sunburned ears." Nonetheless, he's totally in love with the sport, dude, and willingly endures the abuse for the chance to ride the waves like a "speeding bullet, or torpedo, of euphoria."
(Peter Heller. Book review: Kook, What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave, by Peter Heller. The Washington Post. August 1, 2010.)




要人の休暇は側近も大変 ― entourage



MARBELLA - Spain - The $4000 per night Hotel Villa Padierna in which Michelle Obama and her entourage stayed for their vacation have asked the first lady to return the cutlery she allegedly took, a hotel spokesman has said.

Whilst staying at the taxpayer funded $4000 per night room, Michelle Obama allegedly swiped the expensive cutlery from the dining area as well as some ashtrays for her husband, and a few obligatory bathrobes.

"We have a very exclusive line of cutlery that is very expensive, and there were witnesses to the incident. A bell boy was just passing the dining hall when he witnessed Michelle Obama first looking around, and then sticking a number of the valuable pieces into her handbag. She even put some in her daughter's bag and we have reason to believe that she ordered all forty hangers-on in her entourage to bag stuff too. Sheeit, it was like a free-for-all during the L.A. riots. I bet she even tried to take the TV from the room," Ernesto El Burro, senior concierge manager at the hotel told Spain's El Pais newspaper.
(Brent Sasquatch. Spanish Hotel Wants Expensive Cutlery Back After Michelle Obama Trip. The Daily Squib. August 13, 2010.)




休暇は脱出 ― getaway





President Obama and the first family today escape from life inside the Washington beltway and retreat to the summer vacation island of Martha's Vineyard, where they'll soak up the sun and enjoy time together as a family.

The 10-day getaway, the family's' fourth and longest this year, comes after a whirlwind campaign swing through the West Coast by Mr. Obama earlier this week and amid a swirling controversy over the president's comments about a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero in New York.
(Devin Dwyer. President Obama, First Family Kick Off Vacation on Martha's Vineyard. ABC News. August 19, 2010.)



休みの日は朝からビール・・・ですか? ― swilling



US First Lady Michelle Obama is set to holiday in a tourist destination best known among us Brits for sun lounging, beer swilling cheap holidays.

First Lady Michelle and younger daughter Sasha are due to travel to the swish resort of Marbella in southern Spain next week for a private trip with long-time family friends, the White House announced.

Despite the usual choice of holiday destination, Mrs Obama is thought to have reserved 30 rooms at the five-star Villa Padierna, a prestigious golf and spa resort located along the coast of Marbella.
(Michelle Obama picks Marbella for holiday. Chronicle Live. August 17, 2010.)

スペインのリゾート地として知られるMarbellaということですが、私も行ったことがありませんので知りませんが、"best known among us Brits for sun lounging, beer swilling cheap holidays"とあるところを見ると庶民的なリゾート地なのでしょうか?それとも大統領一家も、休日となれば朝からビールがぶ飲み・・・なのでしょうか?



不在の代理 - hold the fort




Nick Clegg has insisted that he is not "acting prime minister", despite taking over much of David Cameron's work while he is on holiday.

The deputy PM said he was just "holding the fort" and Mr Cameron was "still in charge".

Mr Clegg, speaking at a public meeting in London, also predicted the Tory-Lib Dem government would remain in power for a full five years.

Mr Cameron is on holiday in Cornwall for the next two weeks.

The deputy prime minister, leader of the Lib Dems, has said he will argue for key elements of his party's agenda during this time.
(Cameron in charge despite holiday, says Clegg. BBC News. August 16, 2010.)





著名人の夏休み ― retreat






大統領は、マサチューセッツ州のMartha's Vineyardというセレブ御用達の避暑地から、夏休みをスタートするようです。

President Obama will be taking two breaks from his official duties over the next few weeks. On August 14, he and his family are scheduled to visit Florida's Gulf Coast for the weekend to get some R&R and show the country that the region is still open for business despite the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Obamas will start their main summer vacation on August 19 when they go to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, an elite island retreat, for 10 days.
(Kenneth T. Walsh. Critics Hit Obama's Martha's Vineyard Vacation. US News. August 12, 2010.)




露出度がアップ!? ― clothing-optional


日本にもあるのか知りませんが、海外には"nudist beach"と呼ばれるエリアがあるらしく、こうなると露出度アップどころの話ではなく、”素っ裸”ということです。


ちなみに、下記の引用記事で出てくるAANRとは、American Association for Nude Recreationの略だそうです。小生には全く理解できない世界ですが、素っ裸になることで吹っ切れる、のでしょうか!?

While enjoying a nude beach experience means lowering your inhibitions, there are times when you’re expected to raise your towel. (See what I mean by weak jokes, Jerry?) Among its rules of etiquette for nude beaches, the AANR says ”for those visiting the nude section of a local beach, dress before leaving designated clothing-optional use areas” so that you don’t upset vacationers in areas where clothing is required. Along those lines, says the association, “always carry a towel with you when you leave your spot on the beach, whether to sit on or wrap around yourself when you walk to public areas such as picnic benches, food stands, [or restrooms], you will be more comfortable, as will those around you.”
(Paul Eisenberg. How to Hit a Nude Beach. FOX News. July 23, 2010.)




閑話休題 ― お庭にプール、コストはいくら?



誤解なきよう・・・。ここで言うお庭のプールとは、空気を入れて膨らませてホースから水を入れるビニールタイプのプール(pop-up pool)ではなく、所有する土地を掘って作るプール(inground pool)のことです・・・。




How's the pool?

You're probably getting a lot of use out of it this sweltering summer. But how much is it really costing you?

If you don't have one you may be wondering–are they worth the expense or is a pool just a money pit with floating chairs?

"It's definitely not an investment," argues Jim Holtzman, financial planner at Legend Financial Advisors in Pittsburgh. "It's a big liability, if anything."
(Brett Arends. Taking a Bath on Your Pool. Wall Street Journal. August 11 2010.)


水遊び用オムツと幼児プール ― wading pool



swim diaper


アメリカの事情は詳しくありませんが、swim diaperが普及していて、幼児プールであれば水遊びオムツ着用であれば利用可能なようです。

ところで、幼児プールと言えば、水深が10センチくらいしかない浅瀬のプールです。"kiddie pool"、"baby pool"などと表現されますが、アメリカでは、"wading pool"という表現もするようです。"wade"とは、水の中を歩いて行くことを指しています。

LEWISBURG — Parents are furious that children in diapers have been banned from a public pool, arguing that they face paying regular prices for limited access and difficulty watching their other children throughout the rest of the facility.

James Marshall, of Lewisburg, said he takes his two children — a 6½-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter — to the Lewisburg Community Pool nearly every day during the summer.


The new rule forces Marshall to stay at the kiddie pool with his daughter while his son swims in the nearby main pool, largely unsupervised.


Marshall also told the board that the kiddie pool does not have a lifeguard, and a sign is posted warning that no lifeguard is on duty at an adjacent wading area.

"We're forced to have our children swim at risk?" he asked. "The closest lifeguard has their back to us."

Pool manager Ginger Kiernan told the board there is a roving lifeguard who frequently keeps an eye on the shallow wading pool.
(Gina Morton. Tots in diapers restricted to kiddie pool. The Daily Item. July 23, 2010.)





犬掻き ― dog paddle

今週のテーマ: 海水浴、プール



And though the study did classify the runners and walkers by pace, it didn't specify swimming paces at all. I've spent a lot of time in pools, and believe me: Pace matters.

Some people dog paddle a bit and never get their hair wet, while others are dynamos — such as the 23-year-old guy who swam 50 yards (down and back in a normal pool) in 19.69 seconds at the recent U.S. Masters Nationals in Atlanta.

"The data are interesting because they look at different kinds of activities," says I-Min Lee, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health who also studies physical activity and health. "What is encouraging, though by no means definite, is that swimming may be more beneficial than other sports if that is supported by other data. There are so many things people can do. You can pick what you like. We're not forcing everybody to run or play tennis."
(Swimming with the fittest? Los Angels Times. July 19, 2010.)



色々な浮き輪 ― flotation devices





2. Use proper flotation devices

Always have your child wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket in and around water rather than air-filled or foam toys ("water wings," "noodles" or inner tubes). The latter are toys that are not designed to keep swimmers safe. "Parents often underestimate the need for supervision and certified flotation devices," says Dr. Kathy Nuss, associate medical director of trauma services at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She adds that many parents are surprised to learn that even a relatively shallow depth of water can cause drowning.
(Madonna Behen. 6 essential tips to avoid swimming dangers. KNDO. August 9, 2010.)

記事中、"flotation device"は勿論浮き輪のことですが、我々が日常”浮き輪”と呼んでいるものは、"toys"とされており、"water wings"や"noodles"などが例示されています。ところで、"noodles"って何?と思いましたが、皆さんはご存知でしょうか?

多分、日本では市販されていないのではないかと思いますが(楽天市場にもありませんでした)、こんなスポンジの棒みたいなものを自分の好みの形に変形させたりして遊ぶもののようです。別名、"water woggle"とも言うそうです。"woggle"という単語も見慣れないものですが、この単語についてはまた後日。

"water wings"は、これは見かけたことがありますが、赤ちゃんなどで両腕の肩や肘周りに空気で膨らませたものを取り付けているアレですね。



猛暑です・・・ プールでばちゃばちゃ ― splash





With so many children headed to area pools during the summer, the number of them who can actually swim may surprise you.

Wilson Pool is filled with children during the hot summer months, But a University of Memphis study says that a little over 50 percent of children can only splash around in the shallow end of the pool.

The 2008 study conducted by the University of Memphis says that almost 54 percent of children between 12 and 18 can do no more than splash around in the shallow end of the pool.

Wilson pool lifeguard Gordon Mitchell says he agrees with those numbers. He says the majority of swimmers at Wilson Pool have taken swimming lessons at the pool, but he can definitely tell when a child hasn't had lessons at all.
(Kumasi Aaaron. Study Shows Over Half Of Children Cannot Swim In Deep Waters. KFSM-TV. August 8, 2010.)





老年学 ― gerontology



According to the health ministry, the upward trend in life expectancy is largely down to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiac disorders and strokes, Japan's three biggest killers.

Takao Suzuki, general director of the National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology in Nagoya, believes that Japan's almost perfect literacy rate is also a factor. "Older people are able to consume a huge amount of health and lifestyle advice in the media," he says.
(Justin McCurry. Japan's women toast their own health as life expectancy rises again. The Guardian. August 1, 2010.)



酒宴で酔いつぶれたおかげで命拾い!? ― booze


さて、weird newsの部類に入ると思いますが、つぶれるほど呑んだおかげで命拾いしたという、笑えるような、笑えないようなニュースです。

It’s a dog-bites-man story with a twist. Rockford, Mich. man Jerry Douthett’s dog, Kiko, likely saved his life when the dog bit off his owner’s toe.

Douthett had refused to go see a doctor about the toe which was infected for some time. Then, a few weekends ago, Douthett and his wife went out for a heavy night of drinking to celebrate his wife gaining her American citizenship.

The booze knocked him out enough that later that night his dog, Kiko, bit off the infected toe.

The incident did get Douthett to finally go to a doctor, where he later found out that he was a diabetic.


今日の単語"booze"は、酒のこと、またアルコール度数の強い酒(hard liquor)を指すようですが、呑めや歌えの酒宴を指す意味でよく使われるようです。







NEWCASTLE defender Steven Taylor’s shoulder injury is set to sideline him for the first six weeks of the Premier League season.

United have not yet commented on the severity of the injury suffered by the defender during last Saturday’s friendly win at Carlisle.
(Neil Farrignton. Shoulder injury set to sideline Steven Taylor. Sunday Sun. July 25, 2010.)


もうひとつ、スポーツの選手であれ何であれ、出場できなくなるということは、試合に参加できなくなる、つまりは当事者でいられなくなるということを意味します。こうした意味が発展した結果と思われますが、”傍観者的立場にある”ということを意味する表現として、"on the sideline"というものがあります。

Buddy Ryan doesn't put a chill in any of us. He doesn't play. He stands on the sideline with his arms crossed. I wish he had played. It would be like playing against 10.
(Houston Chronicle. 1994.)


モバイル医療 ― mHealth (mobile health)




BALTIMORE - (Business Wire) WellDoc®, a healthcare company that develops technology solutions to improve chronic disease management outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, today announced that it has received United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market the WellDoc DiabetesManager® System to healthcare providers and their adult patients with type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes face daily, ever-present challenges in the self-management of their disease. The FDA has cleared WellDoc’s revolutionary mobile health (mHealth) System to offer automated clinical coaching and behavioral algorithms driven by real-time patient data. The software-based System supports patients and enables healthcare professionals to configure specific parameters and extend their care beyond traditional office visits by utilizing mobile phones and the Internet.
(FDA Clears WellDoc DiabetesManager System. Earth Times. August 2, 2010.)




カレシ ― beau





It was the wedding everyone has been waiting for. First daughter Chelsea Clinton wed longtime beau Marc Mezvinsky in front of 400 guests at Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, N.Y., on Saturday.
(Chelsea Clinton Wedding Day Secrets. CBS News. August 2, 2010.)