iPhone 6を曲げる輩が増殖中 ― twit

先日新しくリリースされたiPhone 6に関する話題を取り上げましたが、この新しいスマホが曲がるという問題はかなり耳目を集めているらしく、アップルストアで展示品を手に取って曲げようとする輩が続出しているそうです。


Bending iPhones at the Apple Store only proves you're a twit

It may not quite be up to epidemic status, but several cases of people walking into Apple Stores and bending the demonstration models of the iPhone 6 Plus have come to light. There are no pockets involved and no iPhones that are personal possessions. It just people strolling in and destroying display devices.
(Amanda Kooser. Bending iPhones at the Apple Store only proves you're a twit. CNET. September 30, 2014.)





"nit wit"(not wit)が"ni twit"のように解釈されたようにも思えますが、そうすると異分析の1例とも考えられるかもしれません。


こんな意味もあったの? ― dollar



Investors are revisiting one of the most speculated internet combinations, after activist investor Starboard on Friday pressured Yahoo to merge with AOL.

A pairing could help the companies compete in their core advertising business. But even combined, they would remain but a shadow of the internet powerhouses they once were, analysts and advertising experts said.


"Neither company is a leader in ad dollars, and other than cost savings, there is little to gain by combining them," said Erik Gordon, a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.
(Will Yahoo accept AOL merger proposal? Stuff.co.nz. September 29, 2014.)

"ad dollars"という部分に引っかかったわけですが、ここで、"ad"とは"advertising"のことです。





money obtained from a specific source



The state of Colorado and the federal government and some cities could continue to offer train service from Denver to Glenwood Springs on that beautiful trip that shows off the beauty and variety of this state and brings in tourism dollars.
(Denver Post. 2002.)

In terms of per capita defense dollars received and percentage of workforce in defense related jobs, California ranks only ninth and fifth, respectively, among states, despite the fact that the state is No. 1 in total defense dollars received.
(Christian Science Monitor. 1993.)

The number of Medicare home care patients has more than doubled in the last decade while Medicare spending on these patients has jumped eightfold in the same period. Graphs track number of Medicare home care patients and Medicare dollars spend on these patients from 1985 through an estimated 1995.
(New York Times. 1995.)



iPhone 6、“曲がる”問題が株価に影響 ― bendgate

iPhone 6が発売開始になってから1週間くらい(?)かと思いますが、iPhone 6をポケットに入れていると曲がってしまったという利用者からのクレームが世界中のあちこちで挙がっているようです。

アップル社は通常の使用の範囲ではまず発生しないと主張しているようですが、実際には“曲がる”現象が多数報告されており、ネット上には実験の映像も投稿されるなどしたため、同社の株価にも影響を与えているそうです。iPhone 6の“曲がる”問題はしばらく鎮火しそうにありません。

Apple has responded to claims that its new handsets are prone to bending by saying such damage would be "rare" during normal use.

Media outlets across the globe had reported that several Phone 6 owners had complained of handsets becoming misshapen after being carried in trousers pockets without a case.

Several of the US firm's rivals have also helped publicise the claims.
(Leo Kelion. Apple says bend iPhones are 'rare.' BBC News. September 25, 2014.)


Apple's competitors have taken advantage of its troubles.

The official Twitter accounts of LG, HTC and Samsung have all posted messages alluding to the controversy, with LG going so far as to use the hashtag "bendgate", which other members of the public had used to refer to the claims.









"bendgate"も、iPhone 6の“曲がる”問題という意味で辞書に追加されることになるのでしょうか!?


五分五分 ― neck and neck

"neck and neck"という表現があります。これは、勝負やレースなどが互角の状況、2者(あるいは3者以上もありますが)が互いに五分五分で接戦であることを表現するときに使われます。

Florida poll shows Scott and Crist neck and neck in nasty campaign

Months of mud-slinging by Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist have made voters distrust both men in a hot race that is too close to call, according to a new poll released Wednesday.
(Reuters. September 24, 2014.)


“肩を並べる”に相当する、"shoulder to shoulder"は、協力して、力を合わせて、という意味で用いられます。

競馬で“首の差で”と言ったりします。レースの勝敗は肩よりも首の方が先だからでしょうか、そうした認識が"neck and neck"という表現の背景にあるのかもしれません。

"neck and neck"は多くの用例を検索することができます。ニュース記事では選挙関連が多いですが、スポーツでももちろん使われます。

フレーズとしては、"run neck and neck with..."というパターンが多くみられます。

Even with all of the battering that Romney has taken during this long primary season, he's basically running neck and neck with the president.
(Fox, 2012)


The senator, who is neck and neck in the polls with Mr. Bush in New Hampshire, appears to be the only one standing between Mr. Bush and the nomination.
(New York Times, 2000.)

And of course right now, President Bush and John Kerry are neck and neck in Michigan.
(CNN, 2004.)


グローバル化したキャラ弁 ― charaben




There's a mom from Singapore who's proven to be a true lunchtime artist — treating her two sons with some incredible, completely edible cartoon creations.

Li Ming is a full-time working mother who is a food styling assassin when it comes to the art of Charabens, an intricate way of arranging meals, the Daily Mail reports.

The 38-year-old began creating her bento masterpieces three years ago for her sons, Ivan Tey, 10, and Lucas Tey, 7, to take with them to eat at school.

Ming has created more than 100 different cartoon lunches, which have included Spider-Man, Super Mario, SpongeBob SquarePants, Despicable Me minions and the now-ex-feline, Hello Kitty.
(Chris Perez. Mom makes amazing cartoon character school lunches. New York Post. September 23, 2014.)





drag queen

"drag queen"って、一体何のことでしょうか?


San Francisco drag queens are sparring with Facebook over its policy requiring people to use their real names, rather than drag names such as Pollo Del Mar and Heklina. But the world's biggest social network is not budging from its rules.

In recent weeks, Facebook has been deleting the profiles of self-described drag queens and other performers who use stage names because they did not comply with the social networking site's requirement that users go by their "real names" on the site.
(San Francisco drag queens dress down Facebook over names. San Jose Mercury News. September 18, 2014.)

記事中、引用部分には"drag"が2度出てきます。1つが、"drag queen"でもう1つが"drag name"です。



こういう時助けになるのは記事中の写真です。百聞は一見に如かず、"drag queen"とは女装をしている人のことを指していると分かりました。




もう1つは、"drag"は"DRessed As a Girl"の略である、というものです。

"drag queen"という表現についてはごく最近のもので、1941年から見られるということです。


スピード狂 ― speed demon



ニューヨークのセントラルパークでは“スピード狂”(speed demon)の自転車乗りが問題になっているそうです。何と時速30~40マイル(時速48~64キロ)で公園をぶっ飛ばすというのですから自動車と変わらないではありませんか。

The NYPD cracked down on cyclists in Central Park Friday in the wake of the horrific crash that left a Connecticut mom on life support — ticketing a slew of riders for speeding or blowing through red lights.

But despite the heightened police presence, The Post observed more than 60 cyclists whizzing out of the bike lanes at the scene of the tragic collision on West Drive near 63rd Street in just two hours.


Cop sources said tourists aren't the problem, it's local speed demons.

"We got people here from Belgium, Italy — they don't know what's going on," said the source. "But the ones who are the problem are the ones who are doing the Tour de France thing. They fly through here at 40 miles per hour. It's a disaster."
(Cops crack down on speeding cyclists day after horrific bike crash. New York Post. September 19, 2014.)

"demon"というのは鬼、悪魔のことですが、スピード狂を指すのに"speed demon"という表現があるとは知りませんでした。

"little demon"は“いたずらっ子、悪がき”というくらいの意味ですが、"speed demon"はそんな可愛げのあるようなものではないようです。


スコットランド独立は否決 ― stick with



EDINBURGH, Scotland — Scottish voters decided they are better off remaining part of the United Kingdom, a blow against independence that produced a huge sigh of relief in London and averted an uncertain future for the country.

"The people of Scotland have spoken and it is a clear result. They have kept our country of four nations together, and like millions of other people, I am delighted," Prime Minister David Cameron said in a news conference from 10 Downing Street. "It would have broken my heart to see our United Kingdom come to an end."
(Kim Hjelmgaard. Scottish voters choose to stick with U.K. USA Today. September 19, 2014.)




stick with




"stick with"には、“忠実である”という意味もあるようですが、今回の投票結果が忠誠を反映したものなのかどうかは、今後の議論を待たねばならないでしょう。


final flush






A cherished goldfish in Australia was saved from the final flush when his owners decided to fork up $200 so a veterinarian could perform surgery to remove his deadly tumor.
(Chris Perez. Vet performs life-saving surgery on goldfish. New York Post. September 15 2014.)




goldfish... was saved from the final flush

とある部分、"(the) final flush"とはいったい何のことでしょうか?

"saved from"ということから、"final flush"は病気とか死とか、そういう意味だと思うのですが、"flush"を辞書で引いてみましたが、名詞のエントリにそれらしき意味がありません。


Dogs may be man's best friend, but some people love their tiny, water-breathing companions most of all. Flushing fish down the toilet is the conventional and rather inglorious method of pet fish burial, but just because you see that as a common joke on TV doesn’t mean that your fish have to meet the same end. If any of your fish have recently passed away, then allow me to offer a few tips to you that might help you move on. You have my condolences.
(The Final Flush: Dealing with Fish Death.)

記事のタイトルに"final flush"が出てきます。また、偶然にもこれは金魚、その死についてのものですが、文中には、

flushing fish down the toilet...


つまり、死んでしまった金魚をトイレに流すことを、"final flush"と言っているのです。

死んでしまった金魚をトイレに流すというのはむごい感じがします。"final flush"という表現が定着するほど普通に行われていることなのでしょうか。



学歴詐称 ― pad


Walmart's chief spokesman, who resigned last week, admitted he made a "mistake" after the company caught him padding his education credentials.

The world's largest retailer discovered that David Tovar never earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Delaware in 1996 — a detail that has appeared in his corporate biography.

A school official confirmed that Tovar attended the university but said he didn’t finish the course work to complete his degree, according to Bloomberg News, which first reported on the circumstances of his departure.
(James Covert. Walmart’s chief flack resigns over resume flap. New York Post. September 16, 2014.)


padding his education credentials



ちょっと物足りないところに付け足す、ということですが、当人は自分の学歴がちょっと見劣りすると思ってもう少しだけ箔を付けたかったんでしょうか。Senior Vice Presidentの昇任を目前にして、経歴審査でひっかかってしまったそうです。



gas pedal



Trading the gas pedal for foot power or bike power to get to your job can also improve your mental health, British researchers report.

Daily commuters who stopping driving to work and started walking or riding a bike were under less stress and were able to concentrate better, the study showed.

And the authors noted that using public transportation also resulted in an improvement in commuters' psychological well-being.
(Mary Elizabeth. Walking, biking to work may boost mental health. CBS News. September 15, 2014.)


the gas pedal



"the gas pedal"とは自動車のアクセルのことですが、ここでは“自動車”を指しています。






A teenager in Pennsylvania who mounted a statue of Christ and pretended to receive fellatio from it could be heading to the slammer after he posted pictures of the heinous act on Facebook.

The unidentified 14-year-old has been charged with desecration of a venerated object for the disgraceful display, which took place outside Love In The Name of Christ in the boy's hometown of Everett, the Smoking Gun reports.

The crime is a misdemeanor and involves "defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise, physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action," according to state police.
(Chris Perez. Teen faces 2 years in jail after simulating sex act with Jesus statue. New York Post. September 12, 2014.)


the slammer


Oxford Dictionary of Euphemismsによると、

Either from the slamming of the door as you g in, or the rough treatment you receive inside;




従軍慰安婦問題 ― hot-button issue


The Asahi Shimbun, Japan's second-largest daily newspaper, retracted an influential news report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster on Thursday after weeks of criticism from other news organizations.

The move, which included an apology, came a month after the newspaper retracted a series of articles on another hot-button issue: the women from Korea and elsewhere who were forced by Japan to serve in military brothels during World War II. The articles used reports about the practice by one Japanese man whose particular accusations have been widely discredited.

Japan acknowledged in a landmark apology in 1993 that the women had been forced to work in the brothels.
(Austin Ramzy. Japanese Newspaper Retracts Fukushima Disaster Report and Fires Editor. The New York Times. September 11, 2014.)



another hot-button issue




an emotional and usually controversial issue or concern that triggers immediate intense reaction



fine print


A Manhattan mom says a popular children's clothing chain took advantage of her young daughter by swiping the second-grader's winning T-shirt contest design.

Ellen Solovsky slapped retailer Lit­tle­MissMatched with a Manhattan federal court lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming the company used her daughter's design on a host of its own products after the image won an elementary-school design contest.


The suit alleges that the company relied on her daughter's lack of knowledge of copyright laws to cheat her out of profits from the design, which she made in October 2011 as a school project for a ­LittleMissMatched-sponsored contest at PS 116.

Children at the school were asked to sign away their rights, the filing alleges — and all her daughter won was a $100 gift card and five T-shirts.

"[Little]MissMatched knew or should have known that elementary-school students would not understand the meaning of the copyright provision of the submission form," the suit says.

Although Solovsky also signed the submission form, her lawyer, William Dunnegan, said it doesn't matter.

Because it was Solovsky's daughter who designed the catchy logo, the lawyer said, the child "owns its copyright" and it doesn't matter that Solovsky might not have read the fine print.
(Rich Calder. Mom says clothing chain stole her second grader's design. New York Post. September 10, 2014.)



今日の表現は、"fine print"ですが、文字通りに訳せば、細かい(fine)印字(print)ということになります。

保険の約款だとか、製品の保証書とか、何でもいいですが、要は素人には分かりにくい難解な用語で、しかも小さな字で書かれているアレのことです。"small print"とも言います。


something thoroughly and often deliberately obscure; especially: a part of an agreement or document spelling out restrictions and limitations often in small type or obscure language




キャサリンさんおめでた ― hyperemesis gravidarum

ジョージ王子と結婚して昨年男の子を出産した、Kate Middletonさんがおめでた、というニュースが数日前より報じられています。



Kate Middleton has a second baby to look forward to -- but she is probably not enjoying a second round of hyperemesis gravidarum, the extreme form of morning sickness with which she's been afflicted during both her pregnancies.

"Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is really common, but hyperemesis gravidarum is a more specific disease characterized by prolonged nausea and vomiting, dehydration and at least a 5% body weight loss," Dr. Shilpi Mehta-Lee, a mternal fetal specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center, told the Daily News.
(Meredith Engel. Kate Middleton's new pregnancy: her hyperemesis gravidarum is back, too. New York Daily News. September 8, 2014.)

“つわり”のことを"hyperemesis gravidarum"というようです。恐らく医学用語なのでしょう。"hyperemesis"は過度の嘔吐症状(嘔吐を意味する"emesis"に接頭辞"hyper-"がついたもの)を、"gravidarum"は妊娠を意味しています。



birthday suit


A bold and bare traveler is experiencing the world in all its glory – one naked handstand at a time!

The anonymous "Naked Handstander" has stripped down and showed off his impeccable form in 17 different countries across the globe, Caters News Agency reports.

Supporting his weight on two hands while stretching his legs towards the sky – the nude vagabond proudly spreads his limbs like a gallant starfish – taking it all in while wearing only his birthday suit.
(Chris Perez. What an ass! 'Naked Handstander' takes his act across the world. New York Post. September 8, 2014.)




birthday suit



"birthday gear"、"birthday attire"などとも表現するそうです。


in one's cups


Friends don't let friends drive drunk, we all know, but here's no cute axiom forbidding friends from letting friends' kids drive drunk friends home. That's exactly what one Vermont woman reportedly did, as police say that she had her kid drive her home when she was too drunk to get behind the wheel.

It's one of those rare moments of drunk logic that really makes one stop and take stock, a true masterwork of W-T-Entire-F. Vermont State Police, according to WPTZ, were first alerted that something was amiss when they saw a car parked in the middle of the road.

Behind the wheel of that car was a juvenile.

In the passenger seat was one Jessica Mathiau, who was reportedly "very drunk."


Mathiau was well into her cups, of course, and had decided that she was incapable of getting her and her child home safely. So, she did what no one else would do, one would hope: she had the kid take the wheel.
(Junior, Take The Wheel: Cops Say Drunk Woman Had Child Drive Home. The Inquisitr. September 7, 2014.)



Mathiau was well into her cups

とありますが、この"into one's cups"という表現に着目したいと思います。"well"は恐らく"into her cups"を強調しているものですが、そうなると、"into one's cups"は、


という意味になります。果たしてランダムハウス英和辞書を引いてみると、"in one's cups"という成句のエントリがあり、古風な表現であるという但し書きがあり、"drunk"の意味であるとあります。


まず、この場合の"cup(s)"ですが、我々現代人はカップと聞けばコーヒーか紅茶の類を飲む器であり、アルコールであればグラス(glass)を想像します。なぜ、"in one's glass"ではないのか、などと思いますが、元々"cup"には聖杯としての意味があり、聖杯とは聖餐式における葡萄酒を湛えた器です。


talk over one's cups



暴露本 ― tell-all


French President Francois Hollande's image took a new knock on Thursday with publication of a tell-all book in which ex-partner Valerie Trierweiler accused the Socialist leader of dismissively describing the poor as "the toothless."


The 320-page book is laced with unflattering references to Hollande as cold or callous. But the charge that he ridiculed the poor was the one that sparked most media debate given his efforts to portray himself as aware of the plight of the needy.
(Brian Love. UPDATE 1 - Ex-First Lady accuses France's Hollande of anti-poor jibe. Reuters. September 4, 2014.)



(a) tell-all book


"tell-all book"以外にも、

tell-all interview
tell-all biography


His name too has become a punchline; his wife got a divorce and wrote a tell-all.
(Newsweek. 2011.)


地獄の果てまで・・・ ― to the gates of hell



特に、副大統領のJoe Biden氏は、「正義の名の元に」、イスラム国を「地獄の門まで」(to the gates of hell)追いかける、と発言し、この発言がニュースで殊更取り上げられています。

Washington — Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered an emotional response to the beheading of two US journalists by the brutal group Islamic State, saying that the US will follow those responsible "to the gates of hell" in the name of justice.

"The American people are so much stronger, so much more resolved than any enemy can fully understand," said Vice President Biden at a previously scheduled appearance at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. "As a nation, we're united. And when people harm Americans, we don't retreat, we don't forget."

The IS released a video on Tuesday showing the murder of freelance writer Steven Sotloff. It followed by two weeks the dissemination of a similar video of journalist James Foley's death.
(Peter Grier. Joe Biden vows to chase Islamic State to 'gates of hell.' Does he mean it? The Christian Science Monitor. September 3, 2014.)

"gates of hell"というのは、ロダン作の有名な彫刻にもあります、「地獄の門」のことです。(上野公園内の国立西洋美術館の庭にレプリカがありますのでご存知の方も多いでしょう。)


かつて、フセイン大統領や、米同時多発テロの首謀者とされたOsama bin Ladenを徹底的に捜索し裁きを下したアメリカです。敵対する相手に対しては容赦しないという姿勢を明確にするのはリーダーに求められる資質であるともとられています。かつて、ブッシュ大統領はイラン、イラク、北朝鮮の3国を悪の枢軸(axis of evil)と罵りました。



“おいた” ― handsy


PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A groom became "handsy" with a pregnant waitress at his weding reception, got into a fight with her boyfriend and then assaulted the police officers who showed up at the fracas, police said.

Mark Williams, 33, of Crafton, was charged with riot, harassment and resisting arrest Monday in the altercation during his wedding cruise aboard the Gateway Clipper.
(Wedding cruise fracas allegedly started by groom getting handsy with pregnant wiatress. San Jose Mercury News. September 2, 2014.)

getting handsy with...





Labor Dayに思いを馳せて ― taxidermy

昨日、9月1日はアメリカではLabor Dayの祝日でした。いくつかのニュース記事では祝日にも関わらず、あいにくの荒れ模様の天候であったことを報じていますが、ニューヨーカー誌で興味深い記事を見つけました。

Labor Dayのこの日、絶滅してしまったある種の鳥に思いを馳せる、というものです。

It's unusual to be able to date the vanishing of a species. The last time a dodo was seen, on the island of Mauritius, was probably in 1662, but no one knows how long the bird survived, unseen and in low numbers.


The extinction of the passenger pigeon is one of those unusual cases, and it happened a hundred years ago this Labor Day weekend. On September 1, 1914, Martha, a passenger pigeon who lived in an aviary at the Cincinnati Zoo, was found dead in her cage. At the time, Martha was believed to be the sole passenger pigeon left on Earth, and, in the intervening century, no evidence has emerged to contradict this. The passenger pigeon was once the most numerous bird in North America, perhaps in the world; it's estimated that when the first European settlers arrived, at least one of every four birds on the continent was a passenger pigeon.


In honor of the anniversary of Martha's death, the Smithsonian has put her taxidermied body on exhibit. (It’s usually kept in a vault.)
(Elizabeth Kolbert. A Century of Extinction. The New Yorker. August 30, 2014.)

ちょうど100年前のLabor Day、つまり1914年9月1日がPassenger pigeon(リョコウバト)絶滅の日だということです。





記事では、"taxidermied (body)"という形になっていて、"taxidermy"という動詞の過去分詞形のように見えますが、辞書を引くと、"taxidermy"という動詞のエントリはないことが分かります。



iWatch発売時期に気を揉むアップル信者 ― fanboi



Apple will reportedly not unleash a wearable device at Cupertino's iPhone 6 event on 9 September. And - when the iWatch does arrive - rumours suggest it could carry a $400 price tag.

It apparently means fanbois will have a longer than expected wait for the iWatch, which according to Re/Code - citing secret sources - involves Apple consumers having to impatiently keep checking their pocket watches for an announcement until some time early in the New Year.

"It's not shipping anytime soon," one insider told the tech blog.
(Kelly Fiveash. Sit tight, fanbois. Apple's '$400' wearable release slips into early 2015. The Register. August 30, 2014.)