鵜の目鷹の目(2) ― eagle-eyed



Google Earthの画像で、ネス湖のネッシーを見つけた、という人がいるそうです。私も見てみましたが、いわれてみればそうかな、という程度で、"eagle-eyed"には値しないようです(笑)。

Google may have pinned down Nessie

A security guard claims to have found an image of the Loch Ness monster on Google Earth.

An eagle-eyed Google Earth user claims to have found photographic evidence of the Loch Ness monster.

British security guard Jason, 25, found the image while navigating around the Google's satellite images.

It shows a large bullet shape trailed by appear to be limbs or tentacles.
(News.com.au. August 27, 2009)

興味のある方は、Google Earthをインストールして、位置を”57°12'52.13"N, 4°34'14.16"W”に合わせて下さい。記事にあるのと同じイメージを確認できます。


鵜の目鷹の目(1) ― like a hawk


hawkは”鷹”ですが、"watch like a hawk"で、監視する、という意味になります。


'It's a miracle': girl found after 18 years

The stepfather of an American girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago has described her reunion with family as a "miracle".


Carl Probyn last saw his stepdaughter in 1991 when he witnessed two people force the then 11-year-old into a car as she was walking from her Lake Tahoe home to a school bus stop.

"After 18 years you do give up hope. I mean, this is a miracle - 18 years. When was the last time you heard of somebody recovering somebody after 18 years?" he said.


Mr Probyn says the abduction changed his entire life and broke up his marriage. He says it means he watches his 19-year-old daughter like a hawk.



How diners are treated depends on the personality of the waiter, who directs the pace at the table. On two visits our waiter was watching like a hawk, anticipating our needs. When we ordered two appetizers and a pasta, he suggested that we skip one. We couldn't tell him why we were ordering so much food, of course, but we appreciated his efforts to look after our interests rather than raise the check average. On one visit, however, our waiter seemed disengaged, and we continually had to ask for things. But that's more the exception than the rule.
(San Francisco Chronicle. 1998.)


新型インフルエンザ対策は、”肘でくしゃみを受ける!” ― cough into your elbow

cough into your elbow






日本人にありがちな、物事に対して敏感すぎる性格、過剰反応では、と訝りたくもなりますが、米国CDC(Center for Disease Control)の推奨で、英語表現も立派に存在するようですので、頭が上がりません・・・。

CDC estimates that so far we’ve had more than 1 million cases of H1N1 in the United States. Similar to seasonal flu, with H1N1 you’ll get a fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, achiness, headache, chills and fatigue. Sometimes H1N1 causes diarrhea and vomiting. Just like seasonal flu, it can be severe and potentially deadly.


Scientists believe this virus could worsen with the arrival of school. But if we prepare for the virus now, it does not have to.

Some of these precautions are simple and personal. Make it a routine to wash your hands often with soap and water. Cough into your elbow or into a tissue, not in your hands.

Stay home if you’re sick...(後略)
(Novel H1N1 Flu Virus and what you can do. Pine Journal. August 26, 2009.)

Gillという名前の女性にはフラれる運命!? ― jilt


Marilyn Monroe Jilted in eBay Crypt Auction
(ABC News. August 27, 2009.)


The winning bidder in the auction for the crypt above iconic actress Marilyn Monroe apparently has other plans for eternity and has backed out of the $4.6 million deal.

The unnamed bidder in Japan in the Ebay auction that closed Monday at 3 p.m. ET sent a letter to seller, saying, "I am awfully sorry, but I need to cancel this because of the paying problem," the Los Angeles Times reported.




この単語の語源が興味深いのですが、"gill"という女性の名前に由来するそうなのです。(American Heritage Dictionary)




へま、ポカ、ドジ、・・・ ― gaffe



A gaffe is a verbal mistake, usually made in a social environment. The mistake may come from saying something that is true, but inappropriate. It may also be an erroneous attempt to reveal a truth.


Aso draws criticism for gaffe on elderly

Prime Minister Taro Aso earned the wrath of the main opposition party over the weekend for saying people aged 65 and older have no way of showing talent other than being put to work.

"People aged 65 and older are well and capable of working," Aso said in a speech Saturday in Yokohama. "Please bear in mind that these people are not talented in anything but work."

Yukio Hatoyama, president of Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan), pounced on the comment.

Hatoyama, giving a speech in Kashiwara, Osaka Prefecture, said: "My mother started burying her nose in books trying to learn Hangul in hopes of meeting South Korean actors after she turned 85. To say that the elderly only show talent if they work is absolute nonsense.

"There are various ways of leading (a productive) life," Hatoyama said, apparently in a snide reference to a similar gaffe by Junichiro Koizumi when he was prime minister.
(The Asahi Shimbun. July 27, 2009.)


Michelle Obama made a political gaffe, implying to the audience she had not been proud of America until her African-American husband had ascended to be a front-running candidate for president.
(Campaign Happenings; Russia-Georgia Situation. Fox Special Report. 2008.)

They focused on the twin plot lines that had been hyped in advance -- would Gore be too mean? would Bush commit a gaffe? -- and adjudicated the " winner " accordingly.
(Journal; The Bland Leading the Bland. New York Times. 2000.)



漆喰は粉飾の材料!? ― whitewash





Relatives of victims said they pressed for an independent inquiry and expressed fear that the panel's report would be a whitewash that shifted the responsibility from managers to the victims. "The dead can not defend themselves, and so they are the easiest to blame for this catastrophe," said Mr. Almeida, who accused the air force of withholding vital information. "There are too many interests at stake for the truth to be told, especially by a commission like this one."
(New York Times. 2004)


Talk, talk, talk. Express your feelings to your mate. Good communication is a boost to any relationship, and those couples with the most loving and harmonious relationships seem to have no problem talking to each other about anything and everything. Don't whitewash your marital problems and let them simmer. If there are conflicts, talk them out with your mate. Dr. Bennett suggests that couples also should "stimulate" each other's minds. "Read and share ideas," she says.
(Lynn Norment. 10 secrets to a happy marriage. Ebony. 1993.)



米パンナム機爆破の容疑で実刑を受けたリビア人将校が、末期がんを理由に温情的措置で(on compassion grounds)で釈放され、リビアに帰国しているニュースが取り沙汰されています。



Shortly before departing for the weekend in Camp David, President Obama called the hero’s welcome in Libya for Abdel Baset al-Megrahy, the freed Lockerbie bomber, "highly objectionable."

The President responded to a question yelled by a reporter, "I think it was highly objectionable," the President said shortly and then boarded Marine One.

Earlier in the day White House press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the images out of Libya yesterday were "outrageous and disgusting" and "incredibly offensive to Americans," and that they are watching to see how the Libyan government will respond.

"We communicated with the Libyan government, and we continue to watch what they do in the days going forward about this individual and -- and understand that the video that you saw yesterday is tremendously offensive to the survivors that, as I said, lost a loved one in 1988."
(ABC News. August 21, 2009.)

"highly objectionable"や"outrageous and disgusting"がそれにあたると思われるのですが、他紙では、”不愉快”という日本語を充てています。



a battery of

このbatteryは、いわゆる電池のバッテリーと同じ単語ですが、a battery of~で、


という意味になります。これだけでは少しわかりづらいので、American Heritage Dictionaryの定義を引用しますと、

An array of similar things intended for use together


An impressive body or group

ということです。前者の場合(つまり”一連の~”という場合)ですが、コーパスで調べると、続く名詞として"tests"や"examinations"、"questions"というものが多いです。batteryには、殴打する、叩く(The act of beating and pounding)という意味もありますので、a battery of~に続く名詞としては、受け手が耐え忍ばなくてはならないような類のものがしっくりくるように思われます。



The International Assn. of Athletic Federations has asked the 5-foot-7, 140-pound athlete to undergo a battery of complex gender tests, and it could take months to get the results. If found to be male, Semenya could be disqualified from competing and stripped of her medals.

Semenya, who comes from a poor rural background in Limpopo province in northern South Africa, has grappled with the consequences of looking boyish all her life.
(Runner Caster Semenya has heard the gender comments all her life. The Los Angels Times. August 21, 2009.)





skeleton crew(s)
skeleton staff




という意味になるのですが、American Heritage Dictionaryの定義にあるように、

Reduced to the basic or minimal parts or members



VA Medical Center administrative offices will be closed Friday, but outpatient clinics will remain open. Houston city offices will be open Friday. Harris County offices will be open Friday. Most Fort Bend County Courthouse offices will close at noon Friday. Some, including the district clerk's office, will remain open.

Metro will operate on a normal schedule Friday. Texas Department of Transportation offices will operate with skeleton crews Friday, but road work contractors will proceed as usual.

At the University of Houston, each faculty member will decide whether to have classes. For nonessential personnel, supervisors have discretion. Freshman orientation will take place as planned Friday.
(Houston Chronicle. A FINAL RETURN TO WASHINGTON / Nation pays respects, bids farewell to 40th president. June 14, 2004.)



映画やドラマなど、口語で聞くことの多い表現だと思います。大概は、名詞で”乱雑な様子”、”むちゃくちゃな状態”、動詞では、"mess up"のようなフレーズで、”しくじる”、とか”台無しにする”という意味で用いられます。




"mess hall"は食堂、"messman"は”食堂のスタッフ”、"go to a mess"で”食事に行く”という意味があります。


ちなみにAmerican Heritage Dictionaryでは以下のように定義されています。

A group of people, usually soldiers or sailors, who regularly eat meals together.
Food or a meal served to such a group: took mess with the enlistees.
A mess hall.


A fence surrounded the camp. The hostages were allowed to walk around the grounds for exercise. There was a common mess hall where they ate meals and played pool or Ping-Pong.
(Washington Post. 1990.)


furlough days


Wikipediaによると、大別すると"voluntary furlough"と"involuntary furlough"に分けられるようですが、前者がいわゆる”有給休暇”にあたるのに対し、後者は(雇用者の都合による被雇用者の)”自宅待機”に相当するそうです。


Chicago shuts down most city services for Furlough Day

You could not get a library book or see a doctor in a city health clinic Monday in Chicago, but you could pay a parking ticket or fight to un-boot your car, provided you'd wait in a line long enough for an amusement park ride. Police, firefighters and privatized parking meters were working, however, even if nothing else was.

From a security guard answering phones in the mayor's office at City Hall to a harried staff collecting payments of fines at one of the few city offices open Monday, confusion and frustration reigned in the City that Works, which by design wasn't officially working at all.

To save an estimated $8.3 million throughout the year in a tight budget crunch, Chicago picked three days, including Monday, to shut down most city services, leaving only a skeleton crew to handle emergencies and conduct necessary city business, such as collecting revenue.

About 11,000 workers stayed home Monday and will again the Friday after Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve. City workers also have been taking furlough days throughout the year to help reduce payroll costs.
(Chicago Tribute, August 18, 2009.)

"to help reduce payroll costs"という表現からは、コスト削減というコンテクストが読み取れ、どうやら”有給休暇”ではなくて、”自宅待機”の部類に入るようです。


cash for clunkers



とあります。American Heritage Dictionaryでは、

A decrepit machine, especially an old car; a rattletrap

とあります。"a rattletrap"というのが気になるのでさらにチェックすると、

A rickety, warn-out vehicle

ということでした。本題に戻って、"cash for clunkers"ですが、どうやら米政府の自動車の買い替えの助成制度のようです。つまり、排気ガスを撒き散らす古い車からハイブリッド車に乗り換えると、ウン十万円を政府が助成してくれるというアレです。ハイブリッド車は日本でも大変なブームですが、アメリカでもメーカーがしのぎを削っているようです。

GM CEO Fritz Henderson announced this week that the company's much anticipated Chevy Volt (half electric, half fossil fuel) is the undisputed winner in the miles-per-gallon race, claiming that under new EPA guidelines the Volt will hit 230 miles per gallon (city), the first car to ever earn triple-digit fuel efficiency. Not to be outdone, Nissan fired back a few days later to its Twitter base of fans that its just-announced all-electric Nissan Leaf would be rated at 367 m.p.g., also using EPA guidelines.

By comparison, Toyota's fuel-sipping Prius hybrid looks like an outright gas hog at 51 m.p.g. (city), and the Honda Insight hybrid appears ready for the cash-for-clunkers program at 41 m.p.g. Ditto for the Ford Fusion hybrid (41 m.p.g./city) and Toyota's Camry Hybrid (40 m.p.g./city).
(Robert Chew. The Volt's 230 M.P.G.: Is M.P.G. Still Relevant? Times. August 14, 2009.)


incredulous? Or, incredible?

語幹は、credo- という部分で、接頭語のin- がついているので、意味的には想像がつきますが、いざ使い分けるとなると紛らわしい単語だと思います。

incredible story
incredible cost


incredulous look
be incredulous (of, at, about)




incredible story、とかincredulous look、はOKでも

incredulous story、やincredible look、はNG


英文法的には、incredibleのように、名詞を直接修飾するものを限定的用法と呼び、incredulousはbe動詞と前置詞の組み合わせで用いられ、叙述的用法と呼ぶようですが、incredulousの場合も上記の"incredulous look"のように限定用法的に用いられる場合も多いようです。

"Will!" she screamed again. "What's the matter with you?" She looked at him with wide incredulous eyes. "Go get me a towel, for Christ's sake!" Will jumped off the couch and ran to the kitchen, returning with a clump of paper towels dangling from his outstretched arm like a bouquet of flowers.
(Thomas Beller. Nondestructive testing. Ploughshares. 1995.)


take the bull by the horns




"Really?" He leaned back, fiddled with the controls on the armrest, pushed his seat back, and closed his eyes. The air around me grew cold, and I rubbed the goose bumps from my arms, turned again to the tiny rectangular window as the plane droned through cotton candy. Days earlier, when I'd told him Mami would never give me permission to go with him to Florida, Ulvi had said: "You must take the bull by the horns."I'd never heard that phrase, had no idea what it meant. He spoke less English than I did. Where did he pick it up? He didn't want me to run away with him. "Talk to her woman to woman," he'd said. "Explain the situation." But I couldn't face her, couldn't imagine the hurt in her eyes when I told her I'd had a choice, and I'd chosen him.
(Elmelardo Santiago. El hombre que yo amo. Ploughshares. 2000.)






laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis


laser in situ keratomileusis

という、やや難解な医学用語です。(ちなみに、in situはラテン語です。)

When Cindy Duong decided to pitch her contact lenses and have surgery last summer to correct her nearsightedness, she assumed she'd get LASIK. The procedure, in which a tiny flap is cut across the top of the eye's clear, dome-shaped cornea and folded back so a laser can reshape the tissue underneath, is easily the most common type of laser eye surgery, making up 87 percent of all procedures last year. But Duong's doctor said that the cornea in her left eye was too thin to both cut the flap and contour her cornea as LASIK (short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery requires. Instead, her doctor suggested she consider a procedure she'd never heard of called photorefractive keratectomy.
(US News & World Report. February 25, 2007.)






vigilには、通夜、という意味もあるのですが、寝ずの看病と通夜では随分と違う訳で、このニュースの例では、"holding a bedside vigil"という表現がされていますが、容態の急変を危惧する家族がベッドサイドに寄り添うイメージをよく表していると思われます。

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver are holding a bedside vigil for her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who is in a critical condition in hospital.

Former President John F. Kennedy's 88-year-old sister has checked into Cape Cod Hospital in Barnstable, Massachusetts, and is surrounded by relatives, including her husband Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr and actor-turned-governor Schwarzenegger.
(The Post Chronicle. August 10, 2009.)

下記の例では、vigil = 通夜、に相当すると思われます。

Police followed a trail of blood that led to Byrd's head and arm in a ditch a mile away. Further along, they discovered his tennis shoes and a wallet. And where the trail ended, police discovered cigarettes, beers, a wrench set and a nut driver inscribed with the name "Berry." "They killed him arbitrarily, and that's worse than a conspiracy," said Jackson, who attended a vigil held in Byrd's memory Wednesday.
(USA Today. 1998.)







"Your appearance implied it."
"Maybe, but I didn't say it."
"That's a child's rationale."
Thorvald threw a glance at the ceiling.
"What am I saying?"
Roger looked hurt-like a kid about to cry. Thorvald didn't know whether to laugh or to feel betrayed.
"Why can't you still like me?" said Roger.
"Is it because Earth males can only love adults if they're women?"
He wrinkled his nose, a mannerism he'd picked up from Thorvald.
(Carl Frederick. The Door That Does Not Close. Analog Science Fiction & Fact. 2006.)


couch potato


要は怠け者、という含意のある、侮蔑的な表現です。複数形は、couch potatoes です。


つまり、ある人を"couch potato"と形容することは、その人が”デブである”といっている、ということになります。


下記の実例では、同表現が2度現れますが、差異が微妙に思われます。最初に出てくるcouch potatoesは”いわゆるカウチポテト族”、あるいは”カウチポテト族的志向性を持つ人達”(太っているか否かに関わらず)を指しているかと思われますが、2番目に出てくるcouch potatoesは”カウチポテト族的志向性の結果何らかの健康上の問題を抱える人”(つまりはデブ?)のことを指してはいないでしょうか?

Even 44% of the fitness-savvy visitors to our Web site imagine exercise as longer, tougher, or more frequent than it needs to be, according to a recent poll. "These misconceptions keep people inactive," says Ross Andersen, PhD, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, whose research focuses on developing new strategies to help sedentary adults adopt more active lifestyles. "If more couch potatoes knew how easy it is to start exercising, we'd have fewer couch potatoes. "Here are the surprising facts. No sweat necessary. You can lose fat, lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, reduce back pain, alleviate constipation, and boost your energy without breaking a sweat. Accumulating 30 minutes a day of activities such as taking the stairs and walking around the field during your daughter's soccer practice can yield the same results as taking aerobics classes 3 days a week (and may be easier to stick with).
(Selene Yeager. Look Great, Feel Great--No Sweat. Prevention. 2001.)


pick up the tab





When billionaire Steve Bing heard his friend Bill Clinton was embarking on a mission to free U.S. journalists in North Korea, Bing offered his jet -- a personal favor that could cost $200,000.


"He's a personal friend and supporter of Mr. Clinton and when the need arose, he graciously offered his aircraft to be part of this historic event," Bradley told Reuters on Wednesday.


Bing will pick up the tab of the round-trip, 25-hour flight -- which at $6,000 per hour will cost at least $150,000, Bradley said. The cost could easily reach $200,000 with incidentals like food, satellite phones and landing fees, he added.
(Clinton pal Bing paid for jet to retrieve reporters. Reuters India. August 6, 2009.)




competitive edge(競走上の優位性)


The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun a widespread effort to crack down on stock trading techniques that regulators worry are giving sophisticated financiers, armed with lightning-fast computers, an edge that everyday investors cannot match.


An explosion of computerized trading has helped drive volume on the New York Stock Exchange alone up by 164 percent since 2005. Stock exchanges say that more than half of all trades are now executed by just a handful of high-frequency traders, who use rapid-fire computers to essentially force slower investors to give up profits, then disappear before anyone knows what happened.
(S.E.C. Starts Crackdown on ‘Flash’ Trading. The New York Times. August 4, 2009.)

コンピュータを使った株式売買に長けたトレーダー集団(sophisticated financiers)と、ごく一般の投資家(everyday investor)との差について書かれています。




セクシャルハラスメント → セクハラ
就職活動        → シューカツ
メールアドレス     → メルアド


ネットゲーム      → ネトゲ



stomach → tummy


underwearの省略形もそうなのですが、これはundiesとなります。複数形が基本形です。語頭のu-は、under- と同じ発音になります。




Astronaut doesn't change his undies for a month

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who returned to earth Friday, had been on the International Space Station since March. And, well, I don't know quite how I am to put this, but he didn't change his underwear for a month.

I know what you're thinking. We're both thinking the same thing.
Not even in the the darkest, most slovenly days of our student youth did we wear the same pair of knickers for 30 days. Around seven days was our limit. Then we'd at least manage a hand wash in a sink.

But here was the intrepid Wakata, prepared for the sake of all our futures to don anti-static, flame-resistant, odor-eating, bacteria-killing, water-absorbent underpants. Yes, water-absorbent.
(Chris Matyszczyk. cnet news. August 1, 2009.)


small potato

米国マサチューセッツ州でのハーバード大黒人教授の誤認逮捕はご存知のようにセンセーションを巻き起こしたようですが、オバマ大統領仲介による、ホワイトハウスでの"beer summit"により、和解に至ったようです。

Black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Sunday joked about his arrest by a white police officer, but also described receiving death threats and dreaming about being arrested at the White House.

In his first public appearance since sharing a beer at the White House on Thursday with the officer and President Barack Obama, Gates said the national debate over racial profiling sparked by his arrest shows that issues of class and race still run "profoundly deep" in the United States.


"Racial profiling is a huge problem in this country and a serious problem, and I intend to devote my resources to fighting it," he said.

Gates called what happened to him "small potatoes," and said he is more concerned about people who don't have Harvard lawyers to represent them.
(Associated Press. August 2, 2009.)

黒人差別は根深い問題だとしつつも、逮捕の一件を"small potatoes"(ささいなこと)、と収めるのは度量が大きいのか、あるいは"beer summit"の効果なのでしょうか?